The Different Types of Charts and Graphs You Will Use

When using numbers and statistical data it is pertinent to have a visual to bring meaning to it. Data is rendered useless if no one understands the meaning behind it. Charts and graphs help to bring the data to life. And they are practical for individual use as well as for businesses.

The Best DataTables Alternative? Try These Options

DataTables is often used for creating interactive table listings. This helps to improve the accessibility of HTML-tabulated data. The jQuery plugin is robust, intuitive, and easy to use. Without the need for extensive configuration, it can search, sort, and paginate. It has client-side and server-side processing capabilities.

Amazing WordPress Stats You Should Know About

Even before doing the research for this article, we know that there were some interesting WordPress stats, but we were quite surprised by some that we didn’t have any clue about. We are happy to share those with you as well.

WordPress has excellent statistical and factual features that can help anyone learn more about their website.

For example, someone starting a blog or website can use the stats and facts to get insight into the kind of power and effect such a website possesses. A successful  WordPress website owner can also use these to convince others to start their own webpage.

The Best WooCommerce Variable Product Guide You’ll Need

Sometimes, buying products online can be very straightforward. We browse through the items, view the products we like, then add them to the cart. However, in some online stores like WooCommerce, customers are asked to choose which specific item they would like to purchase. Customers are provided with options regarding their items of choice such as color selection, size, or design before they can finally add them to cart.