Best WordPress Download Manager Plugins

WordPress download manager plugins are very important for anyone who is looking to run a real website on the platform.

As one of the best platforms for hosting websites or blogging, we at TMS Outsource can say that without a doubt WordPress is one of the most powerful content systems out there.

It manages over 27% of the web. With a few external file download plugins, you can make sure your WordPress site is optimized to provide users with the file downloads they need to from your website.

WordPress loop: What it is and what you need to know about it

If you are a WordPress theme developer, a programmer, or just an overall enthusiast eager to learn what a WordPress loop is, this article is for you! Without further ado, let us start with the basics: What is a loop?

The WordPress loop is a PHP code that shows WordPress posts or simply put; it is used in various themes to display posts on any given web page. Not only that it runs on most pages you see, but it also allows you to modify and customize it to your liking.

WordPress redirect plugin: Why you should use one and when

If you are not sure what a WordPress redirect is and why is it important, we suggest to stop whatever you are doing and read on. By the time you mouse-scroll to the bottom of this article, you will learn everything you need to know about WordPress redirect page and much more!