How to Create Great WordPress Charts With These Plugins

You don’t have to be an analyst to be able to include data on your website and in your posts. Adding WordPress charts to your website adds credibility to the information you are sharing. Visual representations are also an important way to complement written reports and illustrate the information you are sharing. There are excellent data visualization tools that enable you to easily add charts, graphs, and tables to WordPress.

MailOptin Review: Is It the Best Email Subscription & Newsletter WordPress Plugin?

If you want returning visitors, more engagement, and conversions on your website, you are going to need subscribers. Getting subscribers is an important, continuous task necessary for building a successful online business.

12 Tips for Creating a Successful WordPress Premium Plugin or Theme

While WordPress itself is a free open source community-developed content management system, WordPress plugins as well as themes might be a “gold mine” for developers who would like to invest their experience and knowledge and earn some money. But it’s quite a common thing that the time and effort invested never get paid off, and an excellent item isn’t sold that well. Why does it happen? I tried to summarize my experience in this article that may be helpful to some beginner WordPress plugin authors, and give several tips that might be useful.