File that is responsible for rendering link columns is /source/
By opening that file you can see code for creating html anchor element with attribute “target=’_blank'”.
By changing ‘_blank’ value to ‘_self’ will cause link to open in same page instead of new window.

If you like to have invisible columns in filters, that can be achieved by enabling “Filter in form” option in table edit page.
“Filter in form” option will create filters as a separate section from the table and additionally show filters for all hidden columns.
You can choose which column filter will be visible/hidden by unchecking/checking the Add a filter for this column button in the column settings for desired column.

  • Please check first if PHP version is at least 5.4 or newer. It is required for proper running of wpDataTables.
  • Second thing to check is that there are no JS errors in the javascript console. Please check e.g. in Chrome JS console. Usually when we investigate such things we find out that some other plugin or theme are broken, and wpDataTables JS cannot execute.
  • Please try switching the theme to a different one and see if it helps.
  • Feel free to open a support ticket, providing us with the URL of the page so we could tell why does it happen.