Looking for beta testers

Looking for beta testers

Beta testers needed

Hi everyone! The experience of the two last updates wasn’t so smooth; the bigger the update is – the more problems it may potentially cause, and something that works fine on my testing environment may crash on other WP installations. Therefore I’d like to find several people (3-5 would be enough for now) for “beta testing”.

What you’d need to do:

  • Not much, just install the update manually as it comes, try out the new and existing functions, and report any errors that it throws/mention any possible improvements you may suggest

Bonuses you will get if you will volunteer:

  • You will receive new versions of wpDataTables and other plugins as they appear before the others
  • If you wish your name, company, or logo and website address will be included in wpDataTables site and documentation
  • You would really help with developing the software and do a huge favor to the people that use the plugin on the production environment by protecting them from possible crashes.

And just one tiny minus:

  • Updates do not always work smooth first day or two after the installation 🙂

Unfortunately, by agreement with Envato, I can’t distribute any version of the plugin for free, so the testers have to be the people who already purchased the product.

If you’re interested please contact me through the profile page on CodeCanyon. Thanks in advance!

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