What is wpDataTables about?

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Save website owners, web agencies, and developers from thousands of hours wasted on repetitive coding tasks and associated costs. Our data management enables you to leave the robotic work to wpDataTables and focus on tasks that matter!

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Establish wpDataTables as the niche-leading data interaction tool that belongs to the WordPress plugin ecosystem.

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Our Story

wpDataTables story started back when Alexander, our CEO & Founder, was a full-stack developer himself. The bulk of his projects revolved around having to gather a dataset and display it to the end user on a web page (filtering, sorting, and pagination included).

So, to make his own life easier, Alexander first created a set of PHP and JS components that required only a few lines of code. As the toolset proved vital for task automation, Alexander decided to start selling it as a standalone PHP product.

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Back then WordPress was still very young, but I decided to give it a try: I wrapped the PHP component as a WordPress plugin, created an interface that allowed users to build tables in a way that didn't require any coding at all, and published it as wpDataTables 1.0. And it soon became obvious that there was a need on the market for such a product. It wasn't long before wpDataTables hit its first milestone, 500 users, and with that, it stopped being just a pet project of mine. Instead, it became a necessity.

Alexander Gilmanov

CEO & Founder

Alexander Gilmanov, CEO & Founder
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The Road So Far

Since its beginnings, wpDataTables has become fully-developed data management and data representation software used on more than 70.000 websites worldwide.

Today, wpDataTables is supported and nurtured by a highly professional team of developers, project and product managers, marketing specialists, and designers.

They all share a common goal - to fine-tune the product to further enhance its already impressive functionality and usability. And they have hundreds of exciting ideas that are soon to be put into practice. Stay tuned!


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Our team

Alexander Gilmanov

CEO, founder, and author of the idea

Childhood dream job: an artist

With a Ph.D. in Technology and Computer Sciences and a background in software development, Alexander has more than 10 years of experience in transforming ideas into finished products. Founded and led wpDataTables (bootstrapped to $500K ARR), Amelia (bootstrapped to $1M ARR), and now Trafft. Led projects up to $60M in size, including large Fintech, Adtech, and Medtech projects in the UK and EU. His hobbies include marathon running, playing piano, and DJing. An avid collector of vinyl records and oldtimers.

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Isidora Markovic

Head project manager

Childhood dream job: a forensic scientist

With a Master’s degree in Business Systems Organization, 5+ years of experience, and 5 successful projects under her belt, Isidora is a Project Manager with exceptional organizational skills and extensive knowledge of booking plugins. Passionate about the entire product design process - from developing an effective strategy and working on new features to collaborating with designers and developers. Loves being able to work on the project she truly believes in and sharing her expertise with the team and other IT enthusiasts. Enjoys arts, music, watching sports (especially Formula One), and doing yoga.

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Bogdan Radusinovic

Marketing team lead

Childhood dream job: a veterinarian

Bogdan Radusinovic is a Marketing Team Lead with 6 years of experience working in the SaaS and WP plugin industry. Can be found attending WordCamp conferences where he regularly exchanges ideas and information with like-minded WP enthusiasts. As an Engineer of Organizational Sciences, Bogdan is driven by the challenge of finding the best possible solution to any problem he encounters. Loves traveling, hanging out with friends and colleagues, watching sports, playing basketball (although a bit rusty now 🙂), Sony PlayStation, reading, and napping whenever possible.

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Aleksandar Vukovic

Head of customer happiness

Childhood dream job: a pilot

Aleksandar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has 10 years of experience in various fields and industries including WordPress plugins, SaaS, SelfCheckout Lanes, ATMs, Server installations, POS terminal installations, Cash Register installations, and QA. Enjoys working across different industries and projects and is motivated by versatile working environments such as TMS. An innovation enthusiast who is always the one using the newest technologies, apps, and software. In his free time likes playing his guitar, listening to music, playing football, and working with his hands.

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Sanja Pajic

Lead full-stack developer

Childhood dream job: an alchemist

Sanja started her career as an intern at TMS and now, after almost three years, she is an experienced full-stack developer fully focused on wpDataTables. As a MSc of Electrical Engineering, she believes in the power of continuous learning, especially when it comes to software development, where the only constant is change. A developer with strong attention to detail, Sanja always strives to deliver the best possible product. Loves the people she works with. In her free time, she likes playing board games with her friends, snuggling with her cats, going to the gym, traveling, and visiting festivals.

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Milan Jovanovic

Product lead

Childhood dream job: a pilot

Milan is a seasoned product lead with over 5 years of product management experience. The road so far has been exciting - from support and QA to development and from a team lead to a product lead position. Currently working on the WordPress table plugin - wpDataTables. Responsible for defining the product vision, setting the product strategy, and leading cross-functional teams to deliver innovative and impactful products that meet customer needs and achieve business goals. Milan spends his spare time collecting stamps (philately), swimming, and walking.

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wpDataTables today

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Our team continues to grow and bring on new members who share our dedication to enhancing the wpDataTables plugin and exceeding your expectations.

Have a question for us? We’d love to hear from you!

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New Version of wpDataTables - WordPress Table Plugin

New wpDataTables 6.2 Version

Folders/Categories for tables and charts, WCAG compatibility, New global time format with seconds, and more.