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wpDataTables 2.0 Beta Release!By Miljko Milosevic on 10/07/17 in wpDataTables releases

Hi everyone!

We are happy to present you the result of 9+ months of hard work - the biggest change to wpDataTables plugin since it was first released back in early 2013. Please welcome the tool that will set a new standard of how you work with tables and charts online - wpDataTables 2.0!


How to create a CRUD system in WordPress - 2017

This article on creating a CRUD system in WordPress was published back in 2014. However we noticed that this topic became even more actual, so we decided to give it a fresh look. What is a CRUD system, how to integrate a CRUD system for MySQL in your WordPress site, what are pros and cons of using different approaches?

What is a CRUD system?

The abbreviation CRUD comes from Create, Read, Update, Delete. Which, in other words, means a data management system. In web it would most probably mean a piece of software which manages entries in your database. Usually it refers MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, or other DB engine.


Hi everyone! We hope you had some great time during the winter holidays with your family and friends! Here at TMS-Plugins we were working hard during last couple of months, and now we are proud to introduce you the new 1.7.1 version of our plugin.

Here we'll go through a brief overview of the new features.


DateTime and Time columns are here!By Alexander Gilmanov on 16/08/16 in wpDataTables releases

Hi, everyone!

We decided to extend the Beta testing period for the version 1.7, which was announced earlier, but for a good reason!

As it was probably the most anticipated feature since early days of the plugin, we decided to push it thing to the version 1.7: DateTime and Time column types.

Hi, everyone! 

While wpDataTables 1.7 is still under beta testing, we wanted to share some instructions on how to translate your copy of the plugin. wpDataTables is used worldwide, and not always having it in English is sufficient.


wpDataTables 1.7 Beta ReleaseBy Alexander Gilmanov on 18/07/16 in WordPress, wpDataTables releases

Hi, everyone! 

We're proud to announce the next major update for wpDataTables plugin, which makes it even easier to create and edit tables. Starting from now you receive another editor interface, which is very similar to standard spreadsheet-editor (Excel, Google Spreadsheets, LibreOffice, OpenOffice). But this is not the only new feature! Full list follows.


Hi everyone,

We are glad to announce 2 great news: wpDataTables 1.6.2 and Report Builder wpDataTables Addon are released!


Hi, wpDataTables users!

We are proud to announce that wpDataTables 1.6.1 Beta is finally finished.

Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!

We have one great announcement for you. A FREE wpDataTables version is now officially available for download!

As we noticed, many of the users would love to use wpDataTables, but try to find it for free. As Google indicates, these requests are very popular: wpDataTables free download, wpDataTables nulled, wpDataTables dowload, etc. And many hacker, 0day, pirate and other sites really offers an illegal free copy of our sotware, but there is one major problem with that. Nulled version of wpDataTables, as of any pirated software, usually contains malicious code, a 'backdoor' that pirates leave in all software they share, which can (and usually will) later be used to compromise your website.

So we decided that we do not want to put our potential customers at a stake. As a contribution to WordPress community, we officially released a free wpDataTables version in WordPress plugins repository. It will be maintained, and always available for download.

The number of features is cut: you can use wpDataTables lite to create tables from Excel, CSV, JSON, XML and serialized PHP arrays, and the number of rows is limited to 150. If you want to exceed this limit, or use our advanced features (Google Spreadsheets, MySQL-query based tables, server-side processing, editable tables, responsive tables, placeholders, charts, and many others), we recommend you to purchase the full version, but the lite is still good for a start.

The free wpDataTables version already has 600 installations, and counting...


wpDataTables 1.6 “Soft Launched”!By Alexander Gilmanov on 24/07/15 in wpDataTables releases

Hi everyone!

We are proud to announce, that 1.6 was "soft launched". Which means, Beta testing is basically done, and we already made the version available for download through CodeCanyon. If no drastic bugs come up, next Monday we plan to release it also through the auto updates system!


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