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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and long-term relationship is our primary goal here at TMS-Plugins. However if the plugin is just not working for you there is a possibility to get a refund. Due to digital nature of the product, which means it cannot be properly ‘returned’, and due to lots of abuse and piracy cases we only issue refunds when the item is malfunctioning and support was not able to help you to resolve the problem with an announced feature of the product. So, please kindly note that it is buyer’s obligation to check that the plugin is exactly what he needs: refunds aren’t issued just because plugin didn’t meet buyer’s assumptions of how it works. A complete documentationfree version and a fully-featured sandbox site allow to try before buying, to prevent such cases.

When a refund might be given

  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your copy of wpDataTables, please make sure first to contact our support team as they are able to resolve the problems in almost all cases.
  • However, if you feel that the product just doesn’t work for you, you can request a refund. As wpDataTables is a digital non-revokable product, we issue refunds only within 15 days after purchase. In case you decide to use this option, please provide us with feedback as it is vital for us to make wpDataTables better with each release.

When a refund will not be given

  • We do not issue refunds when 15 days after the purchase have passed. Please note that it is customers responsibility to understand this upon purchasing products from us.
  • Refunds do not apply to upgrades or renewals.​


Thank you all for purchasing our plugins!


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