Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and long-term relationship is our primary goal here at TMS-Plugins. However if the plugin is just not working for you there is a possibility to get a refund. Due to digital nature of the product, which means it cannot be properly ‘returned’, and due to lots of abuse and piracy cases we only issue refunds when the item is malfunctioning and support was not able to help you to resolve the problem with an announced feature of the product. So, please kindly note that it is buyer’s obligation to check that the plugin is exactly what he needs: refunds aren’t issued just because plugin didn’t meet buyer’s assumptions of how it works. A complete documentationfree version and a fully-featured sandbox site allow to try before buying, to prevent such cases.

When a refund might be given

  • If the plugin does not work as described or advertised (we monitor all descriptions carefully to watch this would not happen, but if somehow it happens this is the case when users are eligible for refund). Example: you find a documentation on the site for ‘sum row’, try to use it exactly as per tutorial, and it does not work. Please note that before requesting a refund a correct thing to do is to ask for support (it is a first step of refund request procedure anyway – check with the support if it was requested, and unable to resolve the issue), so that we would try to fix the problem for you, in 99% of cases this helps.
  • If it was a mistaken purchase, but you didn’t download the plugin (downloads are logged at Envato server).
  • If you would like to upgrade a Regular license to Extended license.

When a refund will not be given

  • You simply changed your mind;
  • You don’t want the plugin after you downloaded it;
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the plugin;
  • You misunderstood how the plugin works, or expected some feature that was not announced or documented.
  • You have a problem with plugin which is caused by a third-party software or hardware (hosting, web server, plugin, theme, script, etc.) – we cannot guarantee compatibility with any third-party apps or hardware.
  • You ask for a refund later than 15 days after download.

Thank you all for purchasing our plugins!

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