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wpDataTables has more than 30000 users from all over the world. It successfuly solves different tasks for them every day - database interaction, business reports, catalogs, scientific dashboards, and many others.

wpDataTables has been a wonderful solution for us! We were already very impressed with the capabilities of the plugin right out of the box. TMS-plugins worked with us to customize it especially for our needs. The customizations allowed us to create an intuitive interface for clients, for input and editing data. Customer support and responsiveness is second to none. wpDataTables is simply a great product."

From a web developer and a customer perspective, wpDataTables isone of the best plugins I came across. Not only the price is good but also the functionality is perfect.aExtremely easy to use and very well designed. It has many features that suit any one, from beginners to advanced level. The videos that complement the plugin are in depth well explained with many examples. I can’t emphasize enough how much it made my web development easier and cooler.

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We provide professional support to all our users via our ticketing system; we are always open to new feature requests. The bug fixes are released through the auto-update system regularly.


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