COVID-19: A Message From Our Founder

Dear WordPress community,

COVID-19 and the global quarantine measures are influencing the way all of us live and work right now. Worldwide people have to switch to working from home, slow down, or, in some cases even temporarily shut down their businesses, and, while there’s no reason to panic, the situation causes a lot of uncertainties. That’s why we, at the TMS Plugins team, would like to reassure you that all our services will be up and running, and we will keep supporting our customers during the lockdown period.

We switched our complete team to remote work to ensure everyone’s health and safety, and we continue to work at full capacity. All our processes, including customer support, new features, and new versions development, and all the product-related infrastructure are and will be functioning as usual throughout the quarantine.

We are reviewing the features that are planned for development, to see if there’s anything we can rollout sooner, in order to support you in the adjusted working environment. If there are any features that we are missing right now, and that would be particularly useful in the current situation (e.g. for remote work, remote collaboration, etc.) – do not hesitate to let us know.

If you are with a healthcare or other organization, currently participating in the fight with spreading the disease, and if any of our products could help you with any part of your effort (whether just sharing stats, manage the data, making appointments, or whatever else), let us know, and we will provide you with free licenses.

Live COVID-19 monitor

As, probably, everyone in today’s world, we have to keep an eye on the picture of how the disease is spreading, as the date when we will be able to start getting back to our normal lives, fully depends on whether the measures we all take will help to stop the current outbreak. So we prepared a small monitor of our own:

The monitor is updated 3 times per day.
A much more detailed realtime monitor was developed by one of our customers and can be found on this link, we are glad to see that wpDataTables is used to spread correct information and raise global awareness.

Let us know if we can support you or your business in any other way during this period.

Thank you all, and stay safe!

Alexander Gilmanov
CEO at TMS-Plugins

Alexander Gilmanov
Alexander Gilmanov
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