You can take a look at this link where you can see how you can find your purchase code.

You can take a look at this link where you can see how you can find your purchase code.

Requirements and flow for the customization:
– Customer request some custom work by providing detailed instructions about it and temporary WordPress admin credentials (if there is some example)
– Our development team will estimate the price and time which depends on the complexity of the request and business logic of company is this will be implement in core of plugin
– After the agreement, we are proceeding to the payment via PayPal
– After received payment, customer provide us temporary WordPress admin credentials​ and we start working on that request

Included support covers help with bugs and general inquiries for the plugin features, but not writing custom code.
As you’re developing some custom solution if you need our assistance we can offer you our paid customization service.

Please note that standard item support (as defined by Envato’s definition of support) does not include:

– Customization services;
– Installation services;
– Writing MySQL queries;
– Writing advanced CSS;
– Resolving and debugging third-party software and hardware issues;
– Preparing files and tables;
– Skype, Teamviewer calls, Remote sessions or etc.
Support with such requests can be provided on a paid basis.

As we are using Envato as the marketplace for selling the product, their licensing policies apply:

Their policy in general is: one license is per one domain or project.

If your multiple sites are sub-sites of the same domain, and apply to the same project, you can use one license.

If these are installed on different domains, and are different projects, you would need a separate license per each.