The easiest way to do this is via CSS.

If you wish to apply this code to all of your wpDataTables tables, you can put it in “Custom wpDataTables CSS” text area on wpDataTables Settings page,
or if you wish to apply it only on specific pages, you can put it in between style tags in for example html editor bellow tables short codes. E.g.

 .wpDataTablesWrapper table.wpDataTable td, .WpDataTablesWrapper table.wpDataTable th
{ text-align: center !important;}

In this example we align the text in the center of the table, you can change the text align to your desire by changed the word “center” to “left” or “right”.

In order to show column filters in header “Render advanced filter” option needs to be changed to “In the header” on wpDataTables Settings page.

This can be changed from “Number format” drop-down menu in the wpDataTables Settings page.

Display date format of a date column can be changed in wpDataTables Settings page from¬†“Date format” drop-down menu.

In wpDataTables column settings for every column there are text fields “Cell content prefix” and “cell content suffix”.
Values from those text fields will be used for adding text before or/and after every cell content in a column.
This feature uses css for displaying entered text, therefore sorting of the columns will not be affected.