Milan Jovanović

Milan Jovanović

Product Lead

Experienced in the tech side of the WordPress datatables solutions

The best WooCommerce extra product options plugins

The basic operation of an eCommerce site is to offer various products for buyers to choose from. WooCommerce is a very popular eCommerce platform that offers products for buyers, however, it is unable to display additional product options, thus an extra product option is required.

The Best Chart Generator Tools You Can Use

Some businesses deal with lots of numbers and pieces of data. These types of activities can be tedious.

That’s the reason why statisticians choose to display their results through beautiful data visualizations. Data thus becomes clearer and more appealing, helping the reader understand the numbers faster. Also, professional charts help the viewers notice patterns that otherwise wouldn’t be visible.

How to Add a Popup on WordPress – Quick Guide

Want to grab your website visitors’ attention and increase your conversions? Check out our easy guide on how to add a popup on WordPress in just a few minutes

Popups are a feature of WordPress that I constantly suggest to my clients. While popups have the potential to boost conversion rates and lead generation, they can be difficult to implement if you lack experience in doing so. I’ll show you how to install WordPress popups and make the most of them in this article.