Milan Jovanović

Milan Jovanović

Product Lead

Experienced in the tech side of the WordPress datatables solutions

Update 5.0 – Nested JSON, JSON Authentication, Caching, and the Update of Manual Tables

wpDataTables 5.0 is finally here! With our latest update 5.0, we are excited to bring you some of the most requested new features – nested JSON, JSON authentication, caching, and the update of manual tables. You’ve made suggestions for all of them, so we spent a lot of hard-working hours to fulfill your expectations. So, without further ado, let’s just dive right in. Hope you like it!

The Most Impressive Interactive Data Visualization You’ll Find Online

In the era of information, data visualization has become key. The World Wide Web is filled with all kinds of information, generating new challenges. For example, not everything is organized in endless databases and spreadsheets. Through interactive data visualization, the information turns into a story that’s fun to read.

The Best WordPress Data Visualization Tools You Can Find

Simple number tables are a good way of organizing information; however, it is not always the best way to display data on a website. Consumers don’t often like that kind of data visualization, and as publishers, we need to take their preferences into account. There are other options, like infographics and tables with interactive options. Importing and exporting data are other popular additions.

Update 4.5 – Single cell shortcode, ApexCharts and more

Our team has carefully listened to your requests and we prepared some awesome new things for you and your clients. Our goal is to fulfill all your requirements and bring your business to the highest possible level. That resulted in the wpDataTables 4.5 update, where we introduced single cell shortcode, ApexCharts, Avada and Divi integrations, and a new chart engine.

However, this is not all! If you have some new ideas or requests, you can always suggest a feature and we will be happy to hear you out. Your satisfaction is our main focus, so feel free to contact us so we can grow together. Soon, you will see even more great features, but right now, let’s see what we’ve prepared for you.

The Best Data Visualization Tools and Platforms for You

Reviewing large amounts of data can be overwhelming. And the more data there is to read, the harder it can be to comb through it.. Enter data visualization tools! Data visualization tools can be very useful.

When data is converted from its original format to a visual guide, the human brain is better able to understand what it sees. Ideally, a good data visualization tool is clear, simple, and aesthetically pleasing.