Update 5.0 – Nested JSON, JSON Authentication, Caching, and the Update of Manual Tables

wpDataTables 5.0 is finally here! With our latest update 5.0, we are excited to bring you some of the most requested new features – nested JSON, JSON authentication, caching, and the update of manual tables. You’ve made suggestions for all of them, so we spent a lot of hard-working hours to fulfill your expectations. So, without further ado, let’s just dive right in. Hope you like it!

Update 4.5 – Single cell shortcode, ApexCharts and more

Our team has carefully listened to your requests and we prepared some awesome new things for you and your clients. Our goal is to fulfill all your requirements and bring your business to the highest possible level. That resulted in the wpDataTables 4.5 update, where we introduced single cell shortcode, ApexCharts, Avada and Divi integrations, and a new chart engine.

However, this is not all! If you have some new ideas or requests, you can always suggest a feature and we will be happy to hear you out. Your satisfaction is our main focus, so feel free to contact us so we can grow together. Soon, you will see even more great features, but right now, let’s see what we’ve prepared for you.

The 1992 Olympics Medal Table and Stats

The 1992 Olympic games took place in Barcelona, Spain between 25th July and 9th August 1992. The multi-sport event brought together even 9,356 athletes from 169 different nations. These competed in even 25 sports accommodated in 257 events. This being said, the Barcelona Olympic Medals offered a lot to be remembered for.

We may be speaking of the most successful Olympic games and host nation in modern times. It was the very first occasion since 1972 when the games were peaceful, and the global political movements didn’t have an impact.

How to create a CRUD system in WordPress – 2022

This article on creating a CRUD system in WordPress was published back in 2014. However we noticed that this topic became even more actual, so we decided to give it a fresh look.

What is a CRUD system, how to integrate a CRUD system for MySQL in your WordPress site, what are the pros and cons of using different approaches?

Table of contents

What is a CRUD system?
Why would you need a CRUD system in WordPress?
How to integrate a CRUD system in WordPress site?
The easiest solution – try to find a suitable plugin
Start a new WordPress plugin
Create editor back-end (PHP classes)
Create a front-end interface (HTML, JS, PHP)
Connect front-end with back-end with AJAX calls (JS)
Test, refine and debug

CRUD vs REST: What’s the difference
How does REST work?
How Does CRUD work?
The Foundation and Principles of REST

What is a CRUD system?

The abbreviation CRUD comes from Create, Read, Update, Delete. Which, in other words, means a data management system. On the web, it would most probably mean a piece of software that manages entries in your database. Usually, it refers to MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, or other DB engines.