Update 5.7 – Fixed Headers/Columns, Calculated functions for Formula columns, Type in DB and Mojito Dark

Hey there, we’re back, let’s pick up where we left off and continue to develop together! We’ve got some incredible news to share with you that’s bound to make your day. At wpDataTables, we’ve been listening closely to your feedback and taking note of the features you’ve been asking for the most. And guess what? We’ve been hard at work to surprise you with these highly-requested features! We can’t wait to unveil them and see the smiles on your faces as we bring your wishes to life.

Visualizing Large Data Sets With wpDataTables: A How-to Guide

Visualizing large data sets is a huge challenge. Presenting them in a clear and compelling way is one of the most sought-after data visualization techniques. Your audience needs something that is interactive, easy to understand, and responsive. There are ways to create these kinds of visualizations without investing many hours or lots of money in expensive data visualization tools.

Update 5.5 – Rotate column headers, Star rating, Mobile pagination and Mojito skin

Welcome back! We’re thrilled to announce that we’re ramping up our development efforts and preparing new features for wpDataTables at a faster pace than ever before. We want you to be among the first to know about the exciting changes coming to wpDataTables, so you can make the most of our plugin’s capabilities.

We appreciate your continued support and feedback, which helps us to create a better wpDataTables experience for everyone. Stay tuned for more updates, but first, check what’s new!

Charts Vs Tables or When to Use One Over the Other

We live in a world driven by data so being able to understand, manipulate, and communicate data is an essential skill. Knowing how to best display the data for maximum impact is vital. This article created by our team at wpDataTables will explain how to effectively use charts and tables.