wpDataTables 1.6.1 Beta Released!

wpDataTables 1.6.1 Beta Released!

Hi, wpDataTables users!

We are proud to announce that wpDataTables 1.6.1 Beta is finally finished.

This version includes these new awesome features:

  • Inline editing – you can edit the content in editable tables directly from the cells now. See video demo.
  • Conditional formatting – it is possible to highlight rows, cells, columns, or change CSS classes. See video demo.
  • Formula (calculated) columns – you can add columns in the table that will be calculated based on other columns values. See video demo.
  • Sum (totals) row – you can show totals for numeric columns in the table footer now. See video demo.
  • Auto-read possible values for column – if the table has server-side processing enabled you don’t need to type in possible values manually any more. See video demo.
  • Realtime auto-refresh for tables and charts – Tables which have server-side processing enabled can auto-reload in front-end with defined interval. See video demo.
  • No-flash Table Tools, and advanced configuration for Table Tools – the export functionality is now Flash-independent, works on HTML5, also you can define from the admin panel which buttons to show or hide per each table. See video demo.
  • Global search via URL. You can add a special key in the page URL, and your table will get pre-filtered on load. See video demo.
  • Auto-generate thumbs for image columns in editable tables. When you upload a new image, a thumb with a link to full picture will be inserted automatically.
  • Skip thousands separator for integer columns. If your column is an integer, but you don’t want formatting (e.g. for years or product codes), you can disable it.
  • Fixed filter rendered in header. It was looking clumsy before when you chose to render the filter in header, now it is rendered in a separate row.
  • Non-UTF8 names for columns in Table Constructor. This was causing trouble before, but now it’s allowed.
  • DataTables front-end renderer library upgraded to 1.10.10
  • PHPExcel updated to latest version
  • Lots of stability and UX improvements and bugfixes

See the full overview:

The Beta version will be sent to our beta testers team today. It is planned to do 2-3 beta testing rounds within 3-4 weeks (depends on the amount of problems found), and then the stable release will be sent out through CodeCanyon and through the auto updates system.

If you’re not in the Beta testers team yet, but already want to get all the cool new features, join them today – just open a support ticket in our support system, mentioning that you would like to join the Beta testers, and you will receive a copy shortly.

Thank you!