Speed up WordPress: The Best Guide for WordPress Speed Optimization

Should you speed up WordPress? In all cases, the answer is always yes – and here is why.

WordPress speed optimization has a huge influence on your website because it starts a huge chain reaction. What starts as simple WordPress performance tuning ultimately influences everything; from traffic to user satisfaction – which eventually leads to bigger profits for the site owners.

WordPress image optimizer: What to use for your site

Using high-definition photographs and images for aesthetic reasons is great, but it may impact your websites speed. Luckily, WordPress image optimizer can prevent that from happening!

With mobile browsing finally overtaking desktop, users on those devices are not going to wait for websites which take more time to load. You must consider website loading speed before you start losing your potential customers.

Psst! Search engines give preference to web pages that are highly optimized for speed!

Paypal vs Stripe in WooCommerce: What’s the difference?

PayPal and Stripe remain the most popular payment gateways that WooCommerce supports. Why? Both Stripe and PayPal provide free WooCommerce extensions, have equitable rates, ensure seamless transactions, and stand by trustworthy business practices. But who wins the battle Paypal vs Stripe?