How to optimize CSS delivery in WordPress with little hassle

CSS can improve the overall look of your website and it is easy to use, edit and maintain. The only disadvantage is the possibility of slowing down the speed of loading your page. Therefore this article created by our team at WpDataTables, will show you how to optimize CSS delivery in WordPress.

How to create a website like Amazon with an eCommerce theme

The rise of eCommerce has disrupted the business of traditional retail stores. Sites such as Amazon are dominating due to cost, quality, and ease of access. They use the latest technology to make shopping increasingly easy for online consumers. Apps and automated payments make online marketplaces seem complicated. It can be intimidating if you’re thinking of starting an online business. Most people think that creating a website like Amazon would be difficult.

Vacation rental WordPress theme options to check out

If you own a small hotel or a family business that rents out vacation homes, and you want to accept bookings online, you need a good website with a great theme to inspire visitors to book their holiday with you. This can be accomplished with a good vacation rental WordPress theme.