Visualizing Large Data Sets With wpDataTables: A How-to Guide

Visualizing large data sets is a huge challenge. Presenting them in a clear and compelling way is one of the most sought-after data visualization techniques. Your audience needs something that is interactive, easy to understand, and responsive. There are ways to create these kinds of visualizations without investing many hours or lots of money in expensive data visualization tools.

How to Do a WordPress Database Cleanup

You need a WordPress database cleanup?


Actually, it’s not that bad. Don’t feel sorry for being in this situation.

Doing regular cleanups is actually a healthy way of keeping your WordPress site out of trouble.

A WordPress website consists of two different parts: files and a database. The files include media, plugins, and themes.

WooCommerce Shipping Classes: Everything You Need To Know

If your WooCommerce store has a variety of products of different weights and sizes, resulting in higher shipping rates for bulkier products, then you’ll benefit from WooCommerce Shipping Classes. Providing different shipping options will satisfy your customers and reduce abandoned cart rates.