wpDataTables 1.6 “Soft Launched”!

Hi everyone!

We are proud to announce, that 1.6 was “soft launched”. Which means, Beta testing is basically done, and we already made the version available for download through CodeCanyon. If no drastic bugs come up, next Monday we plan to release it also through the auto updates system!

We didn’t only update the code for this version. We did a “rebranding” for the product in general:

  • A new documentation, now it is completely online – within this demo site, with live examples and illustrations for all the features.
  • A video course of 40+ short videos where we explain all the features for people that do not want to read docs.
  • A new item logo.
  • A new site design.
  • A new Sandbox site with better design and with Visual Composer built-in.
  • A new CodeCanyon page design.

We had to re-launch the support ticketing system from scratch, but we left the old site with old knowledge base available on http://old.wpdatatables.com

We really hope that you will like the results of our hard work.

See you!

Alexander Gilmanov
Alexander Gilmanov
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