WordPress editor plugin options you should start using

Ah, the great WordPress editor plugin world and all of its amazing options. Isn’t it crazy how many WordPress visual editors there are on the market nowadays? While wpDataTables provides you with the top-notch experience when it comes to building any type of table, choosing an HTML editor plugin can be a challenge.

And while we can all agree that having a good selection of WordPress text editors is a plus, the problem is that choosing the right one might not be so easy.

WordPress Database Plugin Options to Speed up Your Database

A database is a structured set of data that stores various types of information. A prerequisite for installing WordPress is creating a WordPress database. WordPress by default requires a total of eleven tables in a said database in order to store feasible parts any posts you wish to create, as well as comments, users etc. Do you need a WordPress database plugin?

As you continue to upgrade your website with the new themes and plugins, your WP database will grow and become clunky. In order to optimize WordPress database, you need to find a good WordPress database plugin. Check out wpDataTables – 70% of users say it is extremely easy to use.

Once you do, a WordPress database cleanup will get much easier. But why is cleanup and optimization of the database important? Let’s take a look.

WordPress malware scanner plugins to check out

WordPress is the predominant CMS/platform that businesses and people choose to build their website on, but its very popularity makes it the target of hackers and malware. A variety of malware scanner solutions have been developed to prevent malicious attacks on WordPress.

jQuery Table Plugins You Should Check Out

To display data on web pages, web developers mostly use div instead of tables. The goal is to offer the end-user a better experience. This is precisely why we are showcasing jQuery table plugins for developers. It will help them to sort, manage and display data with less or no effort.

In web development, there has been some discussion in the past regarding how and when to use tables. The conclusion is: dealing with tabular data absolutely requires the use of tables.  The team of professionals at wpDataTables has collected the most reliable and popular jQuery table plugins to please your taste. Check them out!