Update 5.2 – AND logic filtering, Excel/CSV from any URL and New Skin

The holidays are coming, and with them, we’ve prepared great new surprises! Think of them as presents, as we’ve listened to your suggestions, and our New Year’s wish is to make your work even better in the next year. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2023. Until then, enjoy the new features.

In case you missed it, you can check out our blog post regarding the FIFA World CUP 2022 and see some different types of tables that you can make.

Raspberry Cream

New year, new skin! If you want to refresh the look of your tables or create new ones that have a different look, try Raspberry Cream.

Below, you can see an example of a travel agency table with the new skin. Go check it out.

Continent Country City Hotel Stars Date End date Price
Africa Tunisia Sousse Rose Jungle Resort & Spa 4 15/07/2017 25/07/2017 960.00
Africa Sierra Leone Freetown Royal Tide Resort 2 02/08/2017 12/08/2017 250.00
Africa Tunisia Sousse Lord's Spring Hotel 2 22/08/2017 01/09/2017 220.00
Africa Seychelles Anse Boileau Sunset Pass Resort 5 15/09/2017 25/09/2017 1.62
Africa Egypt Alexandria Secluded Gorge Hotel & Spa 5 17/09/2017 27/09/2017 2.05
Africa South Africa Cape Town Remote Bear Hotel 5 27/09/2017 07/10/2017 720.00
Asia United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Chateau Hotel 2 11/06/2017 21/06/2017 350.00
Asia Maldives Magoodhoo Emerald Oyster Resort 3 17/07/2017 27/07/2017 720.00
Asia Philippines Cagayan de Oro Quiet Dawn Hotel 2 19/07/2017 29/07/2017 360.00
Asia Qatar Doha Excursion Resort 5 27/07/2017 06/08/2017 1.40
Asia Philippines Davao Pinnacle Hotel 4 29/07/2017 08/08/2017 1.10
Asia Maldives Addu City Saffron Peaks Resort 4 23/08/2017 02/09/2017 1.30
Asia Turkey Antalya Luxury Hotel 3 10/09/2017 20/09/2017 680.00
Australia Papua New Guinea Lae Crown Baron Hotel 5 11/07/2017 21/07/2017 1.40
Australia Australia Melbourne Comfort Hotel & Spa 2 13/07/2017 23/07/2017 300.00
Australia Fiji Suva Crescent Resort 3 14/07/2017 24/07/2017 640.00
Europe Portugal Lisbon Enigma Hotel & Spa 4 09/06/2017 19/06/2017 1.58
Europe Greece Thessaloniki White Coast Resort & Spa 5 10/06/2017 20/06/2017 1.40
Europe Netherlands Amsterdam Noble Obelisk Hotel 5 13/06/2017 23/06/2017 1.85
Europe Italy Florence Mirror Resort 4 06/08/2017 16/08/2017 1.10
Europe Greece Chania Iceberg Resort 5 11/08/2017 21/08/2017 1.30
Europe Greece Pefkochori Antiquity Resort & Spa 4 23/08/2017 02/09/2017 1.22
Europe Spain Barcelona Regal Square Resort 3 13/09/2017 23/09/2017 520.00
Europe Spain Madrid Radiance Resort 2 21/09/2017 01/10/2017 380.00
North America Costa Rica Tamarindo Summer Isle Hotel 2 26/06/2017 06/07/2017 310.00
North America Jamaica Kingston Grandiose Renaissance Resort 3 09/07/2017 19/07/2017 620.00
North America Barbados Bridgetown Cinnamon Hotel & Spa 4 25/07/2017 04/08/2017 980.00
North America Mexico Mexico City Parallel Tower Resort 2 30/07/2017 09/08/2017 290.00
North America Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Elite Ocean Resort 2 02/08/2017 12/08/2017 270.00
North America Dominican Republic Punta Cana Obsidian Estate Hotel 3 07/08/2017 17/08/2017 540.00
North America Jamaica Kingston Obsidian Shore Hotel 4 17/08/2017 27/08/2017 1.22
North America Haiti Port-au-Prince Mahogany Hotel 3 13/09/2017 23/09/2017 720.00
North America El Salvador Ilopango Seashore Hotel & Spa 4 16/09/2017 26/09/2017 890.00
South America Ecuador Quito Curiosity Hotel 2 09/06/2017 19/06/2017 330.00
South America Argentina Buenos Aires Revelation Resort 4 26/07/2017 05/08/2017 1.02
South America Venezuela Maracaibo Aquamarine Pier Hotel 1 06/08/2017 16/08/2017 350.00
South America Argentina Mendoza Ancient Raven Hotel 5 05/09/2017 15/09/2017 1.48
South America Brazil Rio de Janeiro Lunar Brook Hotel 5 08/09/2017 18/09/2017 1.70
South America Peru Lima Supreme Treasure Hotel 4 23/09/2017 03/10/2017 940.00
South America Venezuela Caracas Sightsee Hotel 3 23/09/2017 03/10/2017 440.00
Continent Country City Stars

Excel or CSV files from any URL

We are always trying to make your work easier, so, as per your request on our feature suggestions page, from now on, you can create tables linked to Excel and CSV files from any URL directly without importing them into the WordPress media library.

Wanna try it? Use your CSV or EXCEL file URLs that are on another server or on the same server, out of the uploads folder, and try it on our live demo sandbox. Don’t forget to change the File location to Url from any domain. If you need more information, check our documentation for CSV and EXCEL.

AND logic

In the top three feature suggestions, we have “filtering with And logic”. You left us no choice but to implement it, so from now on, besides the “Or logic”, you can filter your data with the “And logic” and get different results. For more information, read about “And logic” for multiselect and checkbox in our docs.

Below, there are two identical tables. We’ve set the predefined filtering values to be Africa and Asia on both of them, but as you can see, the results are different. You can select other continents if you want to see different results.

  • The first table is using “Or logic” and results need to match only one of the selected conditions.
  • The second table is using “And logic” and the results must match all of the selected options.

Forminator – Field Group

Forminator has brought out a new field type! Field group allows you to repeat the fields that you’ve entered. We are keeping up with the newest features of addons that you can use with wpDataTables, so if you need this field, feel free to use it with our plugin.

That’s all for this year. Hope you enjoyed this and previous years working with us at least half as much as we did with you. Again, happy holidays, and see you again in 2023. Together, we can be even better than before!

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