wpDataTables 1.6 Alpha Released!

Hi everyone,

We are finally happy to say that intensive development phase of the wpDataTables version 1.6 is finished!

In several days the Beta Testing will officially start. 🙂 So, if you want to be among first users of wpDataTables table constructor, wpDataCharts wizard, etc, sign up to the Beta Testers list (just create a support ticket here)! You will help us to improve the product and make it more stable. The only requirement is that you need to be among existing clients, i.e. purchase the plugin!

A quick preview of new features:

– Table constructor / table creation wizard;
– Manual generation of tables completely from backend;
– Back-end data editor;
– wpDataCharts generation wizard – charts are now separate from tables!
– 2 built-in charts rendering engines: Google Charts and Highcharts;
– Total configuration for charts – data range, series, axes, formatting, legend, size, etc.;
– Google Spreadsheets support;
– Editable tables where where users can see and edit only their own data;
– Extended validation for front-end editor;
– Extended feedback for front-end editor;
– Enhanced Placeholder logic for queries;
– Syntax highlight for SQL editor;
– Server-side processing queries allow complicated queries now;
– Added buttons to WP posts editor which insert tables and charts;
– Checkboxes and selectboxes do strict filtering;
– Front-end jQuery uploader replaced with native WP media library;
– Tables with 50+ columns can work fine;
– file_get_contents() replaced with curl() everywhere;
– Spaces allowed in table name and column names;
– Hundreds of bugfixes.

In several days a video presentation will be released along with beta.

During beta testing the plugin price will be same, but we will raise it once 1.6 will be stable released, so hurry up if you consider purchasing 🙂

Alexander Gilmanov
Alexander Gilmanov
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