How to embed a Spotify playlist in WordPress

How to embed a Spotify playlist in WordPress

No other streaming platform comes close to Spotify’s size. Over 180 million people use Spotify every day and that number is only getting bigger.

Almost everyone has heard of Spotify and not only because of its size. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and supported by a massive collection of songs and artists.

Spotify, and services like it, have changed the landscape of the music industry. Because of these streaming options, many music lovers are no longer downloading music.

But these services have also added new tools to the WordPress blogger’s toolbelt. Using Spotify, it’s easy to share music media on a WordPress website.

Spotify is here to stay and its user base is in the millions. Any music-minded WordPress site owner will want to know how to make the most of Spotify.

This tutorial shows how to embed a Spotify Playlist in WordPress. This way a WordPress site can showcase:

  • Your latest or favorite podcasts
  • Trending Artists
  • Relevant songs
  • Creators that motivate you

Your website will stand out from the crowd with an embedded Spotify playlist. It adds character and personality.

Curating a Spotify playlist is another way to enhance a brand. Including music will provide a well-rounded experience for the audience.

One can add a Spotify playlist with peace of mind. Every item in the Spotify library is DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected.

Only the owner can upload any piece of copyrighted content to Spotify.

Why Not Use a Plugin?

Plugins are one way to embed a Spotify playlist and there are several good plugin options where users can not only embed a Spotify playlist but they can also embed a YouTube playlist as well.

However, plugins will increase a site’s overhead. This means that plugins will eat into the site’s processing power and bandwidth.

No WordPress site owner wants to waste these resources. The site will run smoother, with a quicker load time, by coding things yourself.

This guide teaches how to manually code in order to embed playlists. This avoids the need to rely on resource-hogging plugins.

How To Embed A Spotify Playlist to Your Website


To begin, look at your WordPress theme. Some themes enable good integration of plugins and external Javascript.

After that, prepare the Spotify playlist to embed. Once it’s ready to show the world, find the playlist URL.


  • Open the Desktop Spotify App

  • Go to the Playlist and right-click it (from the sidebar)
  • Open WordPress Admin

  • Go to Appearance > Widgets
  • Pick a text widget from the left side list.

  • Send your selection to the playlist’s display location. This may be the sidebar, footer, etc.
  • The text widget will appear in the new location. Now paste the Spotify embed code in the content area. A title is optional.

  • Push save and check your site

Using the Classic Editor

This option couldn’t be simpler. Follow the above tutorial to get the Spotify URL for your song or playlist.

Then go to the place where you would like to embed the playlist.

Choose the page or post that will feature the Playlist and click Add Block. Then paste the URL into the editor.

The URL will change into an embedded player.

How to Embed a Spotify Playlist in WordPress as a Widget

Another easy option is to create a widget that contains a Spotify Playlist. Again, find and use your Spotify Playlist URL.


  1. Open your Dashboard
  2. Select Manage > Customize > Widget
  3. Pick the desired text widget and drag it into the preferred widget area
  4. Click the widget
  5. Type in the Spotify shortcode: `{`spotify url`}`.
  6. Replace “URL” with the actual URL of your playlist.
  7. Click Done

Using Qode Music Themes

Your website might utilize a Qode theme with a music module. If so, embedding a Spotify playlist is even easier.

The themes come fully geared with all the tools a music theme should have. This includes a shortcode designed to embed playlists.

To use it:

  1. Add a new element
  2. Select Audio Playlist
  3. Select Spotify from the dropdown menu
  4. Insert your Playlist URL
  5. Click Save Changes

How to Embed a Spotify Playlist In WordPress Posts

Another option is to insert a playlist into a WordPress post itself using an iframe. Go to the WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Add New.

Then title the post and put an embedded code into it. To get the code:

  1. Select your Playlist
  2. Click the Three Dots
  3. Choose Share
  4. Copy embed code
  5. Add the embed code to the post.

When inserting the code, make sure to put it into the text area of the post, not the visual editor. HTML codes like this won’t work inside the visual editor.

After inserting the code, upload the post. It will now be showcasing the embedded Spotify Playlist.


Below are two of the most likely causes of Spotify Playlist errors.

Hyperlinked Spotify URL

The text of the URL may be in the theme’s link color. If so, the URL is very likely hyperlinked.

One cannot embed a playlist to WordPress if it’s hyperlinked, so it’s necessary to remove it.

To do so, click the Remove Icon. If the URL’s text turns black, the hyperlink is gone.

Spotify URL/Shortcode is Not on Its Own Line

Make sure that your URL and shortcode are on their own line in the code. There can be no characters or whitespace before or after them.

If not, the code won’t function properly.

Ending thoughts on how to embed a Spotify playlist in WordPress

No matter which of the above methods you choose, embedding a Spotify playlist is easy.

Knowing how to do it opens up a whole world of musical options. Now a website or blog can have songs, playlists, and any other kind of music content.

Aspiring musicians can introduce their music to the world, promote themselves, and grow their personal brand.

But this tool isn’t limited to musicians. Music lovers, podcast producers, audiobook clubs, and more can share their playlists.

No matter the reason for embedding a playlist or audio track to a WordPress site, you’re ready now.

For all other things WordPress, please check out the many other guides on this site.

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