How to make a phone number clickable in WordPress

How to make a phone number clickable in WordPress

No doubt, smartphones and other digital gadgets are taking over the world. They are part of everyday life, and they make life easier and more convenient.

Because of this, websites need to be responsive, with the latest features and functionalities. That should also be true with the phone numbers on a website.

Some phone numbers on the webpage might not be clickable. Older phones do not support other website features.

That is why it is essential to know how to make a phone number clickable in WordPress.

Creating an enticing click-to-call action is not enough. Visitors may still find it challenging to make contact.

The need to write down the number might drive people away. Or they might forget to contact the website and move on to another site.

In these modern times, almost all people have smartphones. They use it to browse and scroll through different pages.

Allowing users to browse the internet is one of the smartphone’s common functions.

These are all good reasons for knowing how to make a phone number clickable in WordPress. It will also help to increase the site’s monthly revenue.

Top Reasons Why Learning How to Make a Phone Number Clickable in WordPress is Crucial

Clients Prefer Speaking to a Real Human

One good thing about this modern age is its technology. Online businesses can communicate with clients using online live chat support.

They can instantly answer queries through a chatbot. They can also provide support tickets, contact forms, and email.

However, some clients want an immediate response. They don’t want messages from a chatbot or to have to wait for a reply to their email messages.

They want the human connection, to feel someone is listening to their concerns. Attending to this need increases the customer’s satisfaction.

Having A Clickable Phone Number Saves Time

Making a phone number on your website clickable will result in faster transactions. Remember to ensure that someone is there to take the call.

Allowing clients to tap-to-call saves not only their time but the time of the company as well. It is quick and efficient.

Whatever the business, a direct line of communication is the best way to earn the trust of the customers.

Through this feature, clients click on the phone number. This prompts their smartphone to dial the number immediately.

Clients Learn About The Available Products and Services

Clickable phone numbers in WordPress allow clients and businesses to communicate right away. The company can tell clients about their products and services.

It also encourages more customers to make purchases. As well, clients have access to the business’s information instantly.

Here Are The Business Phone Services to Check Out to Access These Features:

How to Make a Phone Number Clickable in WordPress

What is Click-to-Call, and How Does It Work?

Another term for “click-to-call” is “click-to-talk”. This means someone clicks on a button or number to make a call.

When the user clicks on the button or phone number, this connects to a call. The protocol used by the go-between service will call the business number the user is trying to reach.

How to Make a Phone Number Clickable in WordPress Using a Plugin

Instead of making the phone number clickable through codes or CSS, the website owner can use a plugin. One example of such a plugin is the WP Call Button Plugin with the help of which you can easily add a call us now button to your website.

WP Call Button Plugin Features and Functionalities

WP Call Button Plugin allows WordPress admins to add the button anywhere on the website. It can be on a page, post, widget, or sidebar, depending on their needs and preferences.

It is convenient to use. Users can add the button in WordPress areas like:

  • Anywhere in the page with the floating buttons that go along with the user’s scrolling.
  • Widget-ready areas and sidebars with the built-in widget.
  • Posts and pages utilizing the block and classic editor in WordPress website.

How to Install WP Call Button Plugin

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard, then go to the Plugin section.
  • Click Add New, then search the WP Call Button Plugin in the search bar.
  • Click the Install Button, and the button will change to “Activate,” then click it.

How to Use WP Call Button Plugin

  • Head to the Settings section, then select the WP Call Button to configure the plugin settings.
  • The admin can decide whether to add a Sticky Call Button. This button has a sticky feature when the visitor scrolls through the website.
  • Another feature is the Static Call Button. Admins can add this to pages and posts.

This is the ideal option since it earns more conversions. But the decision is still up to the admin.

The Common Settings for Creating a Sticky Call Button

  • Visibility – The admin has the option to hide the button on a specific page.
  • Call Button Color – Customize the color according to preferences.
  • Button Position – The button’s position on the page section.
  • Call Button Text – The hyperlinked phone number that will appear on the page.

How to Publish the Click-to-Call Button Using a WordPress Block

  • Go to the page or post designated for the phone number.
  • Visit the WordPress admin area. Select the Pages section, then Add New.
  • Select the plus (+) icon to add a new WordPress block.

  • Choose the WP Call Button to add to the page or post.
  • Upon finishing the layout, select “Publish”.

  • Customize or edit the call button color and text. It is also possible to show or hide the phone icon.

  • After customization, copy the shortcode and paste it on the page or post.

From the WP Call Button plugin, users can add the call button to the website through a sidebar widget. 

Head to the Appearance section, then select Widget. Drag and drop the WP Call Button widget on the widget-ready area of the page.

Through this plugin, admins can also create a link to SMS messaging. All they have to do is make changes to the protocol.

However, this is not clickable on a desktop. It is crucial to inform visitors that this feature is only possible in a responsive mode.

<a href="sms://+12345678912"> Send SMS

to +1 (234) 567-8912</a>

To allow smartphone users to make a Skype or regular call, simply change the protocol in the link. Use the CALLTO protocol instead of the TEL protocol:

<a href="callto://+12345678912">+1 (234) 567-8912</a>

WordPress for Smartphones: How to Link Clickable Phone Numbers to Images and Buttons

  1. Change the image file name to something simple before uploading it to the WordPress media library.

In the example below, the image file name is “Frozen-Fire.jpg” . Having this simple title is easier for HTML code to handle.

  1. Use the Text View.
  2. Insert the following HTML code in the desired website section, including the phone number linked image.
<a href=”callto://+1234567890” title=”Image-Title.jpg”><img src=”/></a>
  1. Before sending the update, check the preview first. Wait for the update, then check the button on the mobile device to make sure it works.

Ending thoughts on how to make a phone number clickable in WordPress

This article outlined various ways on how to make a phone number clickable in WordPress. Admins have the option to choose the manual method or to use a plugin.

Using either method adds a click-to-call button to a website with ease. Admins can include it anywhere in the website – sidebar area, page, or post section. 

Having a clickable phone number will boost business conversions.

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