wpDataTables 1.5.5 and changes in the development plan

Hi everyone,

As you probably noticed, the site and the plugin sale was offline for a couple of days. That was due to some code review that we needed to do, and that required temporary offline status. Now all the issues are fixed. This brings us good and bad news.

Good news: wpDataTables 1.5.5 is released

This is an unplanned release; but we brought you a couple of nice improvements:

  • Auto updates – we planned this for 1.6, but since there were already a couple of unplanned releases, we decided not to postpone it any more to make life easier for users. Starting from current version, if you enter your Envato Purchase Code, plugin will tell you when the new version is released, and do the auto update. To prevent piracy, maximum number of downloads of one version per purchase code is 2. But you can always download new versions directly from Envato and install in the good old-fashioned manual way.
  • File-based tables speedup – for large tables based on files you should have a significant improvement in speed now.

Bad news: 1.6 is postponed

We know many of you wait for table constructor, and we can’t wait to release it. We hate to tell you that, but because of the problems that appeared in November and December we had to move the expected Beta release to second half January.
Soon we will show you a couple of “spy” pics of the new version 🙂

PS: Would you like to have a wpDataTables Newsletter where we would inform you about the updates, and plugin news directly? Let us know in comments!

Alexander Gilmanov
Alexander Gilmanov
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