Ninja Tables Reviews: Is It Worth Using It Or Not?

Most of us would agree that WordPress is the best CMS program in the digital world today, but it’s not perfect. The problem is that WordPress doesn’t have any default options for creating tables, opting for raw coding instead. This wouldn’t be a problem if it was only boring, but it’s also very time-consuming. If you want to make many tables, you need something better.

The Best wpDataTables Alternative? You’ll Be Surprised

WordPress table plugins are versatile tools for presenting information clearly. You may need them to share data, compare prices, or transmit tabulated data.
wpDataTables is one of the best WordPress table plugins available. Yet wpDataTables alternatives are available that achieve similar results. Or, do they?

This post provides a list of decent WordPress table plugins that you might consider an alternative to wpDataTables. A collection of detailed information will save you a lot of time and help you find the right wpDataTables alternative for you.

Before getting into the alternatives, let’s see the plugin that we’re in need of an alternative for.

The Best WordPress Booking Plugins Out There

If you have a service business that has a website or you’re creating a website for one, then chances are you’ll need a booking system and if you have a WordPress website, then one of these WordPress booking plugins should do the trick.


Why not?

You’re in the age when technology makes our lives easier.

In the case of an appointment booking system, for the user, it’s easier than to spend time on a phone call and waste minutes of your life on something that can be done in mere seconds with a few clicks or taps on your smartphone.

For a business owner, a booking calendar plugin automates a good part of the administrative process of the business, making room for assigning time elsewhere.

Ok, so you want to use such a booking calendar plugin, right?

How to create a CRUD system in WordPress – 2022

This article on creating a CRUD system in WordPress was published back in 2014. However we noticed that this topic became even more actual, so we decided to give it a fresh look.

What is a CRUD system, how to integrate a CRUD system for MySQL in your WordPress site, what are the pros and cons of using different approaches?

Table of contents

What is a CRUD system?
Why would you need a CRUD system in WordPress?
How to integrate a CRUD system in WordPress site?
The easiest solution – try to find a suitable plugin
Start a new WordPress plugin
Create editor back-end (PHP classes)
Create a front-end interface (HTML, JS, PHP)
Connect front-end with back-end with AJAX calls (JS)
Test, refine and debug

CRUD vs REST: What’s the difference
How does REST work?
How Does CRUD work?
The Foundation and Principles of REST

What is a CRUD system?

The abbreviation CRUD comes from Create, Read, Update, Delete. Which, in other words, means a data management system. On the web, it would most probably mean a piece of software that manages entries in your database. Usually, it refers to MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, or other DB engines.