Hello Bar for WordPress: 10 Great Alternatives

Hello Bar, also known as “HelloBar”, is a notification bar that can be used to direct users to perform certain actions on your site. The Hello Bar for WordPress plugin is great for those who need such functionality on their website, but the pricing scheme makes some webmasters turn to other options. Staying under budget can be difficult at times, but – luckily – there are many alternatives for expensive WordPress tools. Hello Bar is no exception.

WordPress Yoast SEO Sitemap: Your Ultimate Guide

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the process that makes your website content more attractive for the bots of a search engine, such as Google. If the search engine perceives the site to be relevant, useful, and authoritative on a given topic, it places it higher on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This is why so many people try to make their content SEO-friendly – to be in the top results of a search, based on a specific keyword.

WordPress Salts and Keys: Everything You Need to Know

More than 30% of all the websites in the world are powered by WordPress, making it the most popular CMS by far. Even so, people still rightly wonder about how secure WordPress is. Protecting a website is a top priority in today’s world because hackers know how to find their way around the most complex security measures. Luckily, hackers don’t set clear targets, unless they really have a reason to. In most situations, they look for the weakest link and take over websites or software products which are vulnerable.

Looking For a WordPress Theme Detector? We’ve Got Your Back

Have you ever stumbled upon a website that simply amazed you? There’s a good chance that the website owner uses a WordPress theme. Naturally, finding out what that theme is could be of great convenience for you. Instead of developing a theme from scratch or looking for a similar one for hours or even days, it would be much easier to use a WordPress theme detector to find out exactly what theme that website is using so you can use it too.

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress in 4 Steps

New WordPress webmasters are often dismayed to learn that the core platform doesn’t let you see anything about what your visitors are doing on the site, nor does it tell you how many people have visited it.To analyze your website traffic, you’ll want to make use of Google Analytics, one of the most popular and powerful tools for tracking visits and gaining insights into how your site is being used. It is not only a full-featured traffic stats viewer, but also a complete marketing research tool that helps you track the performance of your online marketing campaigns.