Joomla vs WordPress: An in-depth Comparison

Once you’ve decided to start your own business, it’s time to think about other important matters that will affect the future development of it. After completing several steps in setting up your website, you need to focus your attention to which type of CMS (Content Management System) you will be using. The reason why people choose CMS for their websites is that they are very easy to use, they are intuitive, and they don’t require much knowledge in the field of coding or tech in general.

Fixing the 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress

On WordPress, you never know what error can be encountered. These are quite confusing and difficult to fix for a person who is not familiar with tech. The most common errors people get when using WordPress are the white screen and the impossibility of establishing a database connection. Both are easy to fix. Another one is the 502 Bad Gateway error, and people receive it so often that creating a guide to how to fix it seems to be a good idea.

The 502 Bad Gateway error can be difficult to troubleshoot because of a multitude of reasons. First of all, you need to find the source of the problem. Then, you need to change the settings to put your website back on its feet. Not all WordPress users are familiar with solving this issue, so this guide will definitely come in handy. Before fixing the 502 error, you need to understand why it occurs. Learn below more about this topic in this article created by our team at wpDataTables.

How to Host a Website: All Steps Explained

Everyone can start and manage a website as long as they find relevant information to help them with the process. Learning how to host a website is not difficult when you break the steps in three: find a web hosting provider, set up the website, publish content.

This article gathers together all the essential information you need to be able to complete the few steps mentioned above. Reading this article from start to finish should be enough to teach anyone what’s the deal with starting websites, even though they have nothing to do with tech.

Top-rated WordPress Calendar Plugin Options to Check Out

A WordPress calendar plugin can prove to be very helpful on your website. Especially if you need to let your visitors know about future events, a calendar plugin will be the best website accessory you can invest in. The events calendar is the best way to keep things organized directly from your WordPress dashboard, no other efforts involved.

Top WordPress Coupon Code Plugins that Will Change Your Life

All people like discounts. There is no possible way you wouldn’t accept a coupon code or an exclusive deal if it is offered to you. The same goes in the online environment. Anything that is given away for free should be appreciated at its best.

Coupons are not only the ones you see in magazines and newspapers for groceries or just for saving a couple of bucks on your next shopping session.

Get rid of these misconceptions and learn more about such offers in the online world with the help of  this article provided by the team behind wpDataTables. A WordPress coupon code plugin can entirely change the way you used to perceive online businesses. Read more about this topic below.