Get the Top WordPress Footer Plugin (17 Examples)

When designing a WordPress website, there are many points to consider. Some are obvious, such as using catalogs or lists to display information, or utilizing plugins to create a dynamic webspace. However, some are more subtle, so it’s easy to ignore them, but they must not be omitted. An example is starting the footer of your website, and fortunately, there are some built-in WordPress footer plugins for this task.

How to Create Great WordPress Charts With These Plugins

You don’t have to be an analyst to be able to include data on your website and in your posts. Adding WordPress charts to your website adds credibility to the information you are sharing. Visual representations are also an important way to complement written reports and illustrate the information you are sharing. There are excellent data visualization tools that enable you to easily add charts, graphs, and tables to WordPress.

WordPress Plugin Update Failed: How to Fix It

WordPress powers around 37% of the internet. The attraction for many is the control it gives the user, and how user-friendly the design process is. WordPress is able to offer this feature via plugins. Plugins need updating, however, a common problem many users experience is to find their WordPress plugin update has failed.

The Best Pinterest WordPress Plugin Options

WordPress and Pinterest are consistently two of the most popular websites amongst online users online. WordPress is a dominant hosting force, powering around 37% of the internet, while Pinterest offers the tools to create and share image boards, thus quickly sharing inspiration, drawing a lot of monthly users. Now users can integrate the two together, with the help of a Pinterest WordPress plugin.

The Best MLS WordPress Plugin Options For Your Real Estate Site

The real estate business makes hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Online marketing and promotion tools are vital for those working in real estate. It’s really important to have a great website in this business, to gain new customers and advertise properties. If WordPress is your platform of choice, knowing the best MLS WordPress plugin options for your real estate site is essential.