What is Text Data Visualization and When to Use It

Drawing out relevant and essential information from a large body of text tends to be a tricky task, especially with big data playing such a significant role in the current data analysis scene. Whether it’s social media posts or customer feedback, a large amount of complex data can sometimes swamp the specific information we want to focus on.

The Best Pinterest WordPress Plugin Options

WordPress and Pinterest are consistently two of the most popular websites amongst online users online. WordPress is a dominant hosting force, powering around 37% of the internet, while Pinterest offers the tools to create and share image boards, thus quickly sharing inspiration, drawing a lot of monthly users. Now users can integrate the two together, with the help of a Pinterest WordPress plugin.

How to Add a Popup on WordPress – Quick Guide

Want to grab your website visitors’ attention and increase your conversions? Check out our easy guide on how to add a popup on WordPress in just a few minutes

Popups are a feature of WordPress that I constantly suggest to my clients. While popups have the potential to boost conversion rates and lead generation, they can be difficult to implement if you lack experience in doing so. I’ll show you how to install WordPress popups and make the most of them in this article.