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DateTime and Time columns are here!By Alexander Gilmanov on 16/08/16 in wpDataTables releases

Hi, everyone!

We decided to extend the Beta testing period for the version 1.7, which was announced earlier, but for a good reason!

As it was probably the most anticipated feature since early days of the plugin, we decided to push it thing to the version 1.7: DateTime and Time column types.

This feature is not only about displaying times together with dates, it required adding lots of sub-features as the plugin is a really multi-functional data management system. That’s what new version will additionally bring:

DateTime and Time columns in wpDataTables WP Tables

  • Correct Time and DateTime range filtering

DateTime and Time filters for wpDataTables

Time Range picking in WordPress Tables

  • Time and DateTime front-end editor inputs (inline and dialog):

Time and DateTime editor inputs for wpDataTables

  • Time and DateTime support for the Excel-like spreadsheet editor:

Excel-like tables with DateTime and Time support

  • Time format selection and the Timepicker step in settings:

DateTime and Time settings in wpDataTables

  • Time and DateTime columns in Table constructor (both ‘create manually’ and ‘import’ options):

Time and DateTime columns in Table Constructor

  • Time and DateTime types support in Google charts and Highcharts

DateTime and Time support in Highcharts and Google charts in WordPress

As the changes touched so many of the plugin’s sub-modules, we want to be absolutely sure the upgrade works smoothly for all of our users, especially as DateTime has a lot of different format combinations and other parts where issues are possible. We are finalizing the Alpha internal testing currently, and will release the Beta this week. If you would like to participate, just open a support ticket, and we will add you to the list!

Read in our previous post about the other features that we introduce in 1.7, and see a video overview.

Thank you!

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  • wpDataTables

    Feel free to share some feedback!

  • Jenefer Bobbin

    really looking forward to the new features – do you know when is the new version going to be released?

    • wpDataTables

      If all goes fine we’ll do the stable 1.7 release in late August – early September. In the meantime you can apply for Beta testing if you have the full version already. Thanks!

      • Jenefer Bobbin

        how do I apply for the beta testing? I have the full version. Thanks

  • Girolamo Aloe

    This is something really great. I had problems with date time column imported from a Google Spreadsheet. Many times the service was not able to recognize the data properly so it filled the cell with 1/1/1970.

    Another important feature that is really missing and that we need it a lot is the Chart Zoom and/or the Stock Charts where is possible to shift the horizontal Axes and filter specifically in chart. I really need this features.

  • atreenalin

    Thats good. Also please add a single cell shortcode like TablePress has (if I can suggest a very helpful feature here).

    Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

  • Paul

    Is editing of joined tables coming soon?

  • Promovare Runu

    Cant set default value today for a data/time colum ?

  • Khaled Mohammed

    i want insert the username and date automatically when create new row, how i can do that?

  • Titus Raj

    Hi, are there any plans to include total time to record athletic, cycle , swim event and multi sport timings. Format would be 00:00:00 (Hour, Minute & Seconds). Also like to see the ability to shift the horizontal axes in charts.

  • Titus Raj

    Is there anyone who requires the total time function, that is recording time in this format 00:00:00 for athletic achievements and the not the clock function. I am suggesting, we pool our resources to fund an add on to achieve this.
    Please do leave a message for me here.

  • Larry MacDonald

    Can you please tell me if wpData Tables would be the best way to create the pages of a catalog of online courses where we would have the usual info (dates, cost, location, description, etc.) plus include a logo? Can it do such a listing in three columns? There are about 100 such courses in the SQL database. Thanks.