Great Looking WordPress Website Examples to Inspire Yourself From

A WordPress website can be a new opportunity for you personally or even professionally. The platform began as a blogging tool, but now it is a full-fledged content management system (CMS) for many professional web designers and design agencies. It is used by many millions of websites across the world. Every website development service can provide you with an exceptional custom theme for WordPress, so do not get stingy regarding WordPress, as it is a great CMS platform.

However, many people still think of WordPress as a platform and toolset for hobbyists and amateurs. However, that’s not necessarily the case! Here are some of the best WordPress sites on the web. Use them as inspiration and a demonstration of just what can be done with WordPress in regard to your next website redesign.

Here are a few notorious WordPress website examples

The Walt Disney Company

Disney is a titan without any peers these days. It’s very hard to believe that anyone hasn’t heard of Disney. They’ve been an important part of the culture throughout the world for the past century.

Disney has been using WordPress to create a website that’s incredibly professional. This site with its iconic logo design is not cartoonish, but smart and well-made. As one of the leading entertainment and information producers and providers in the world, Disney needs to have a modern and user-friendly website for its business interests. The end result of their effort is a simple and professional website. It allows them to show off their wide-ranging portfolio as well as helps them differentiate their services, content, and consumer products.

Chicago Sun Times

The Chicago Sun Times has won the Pulitzer Prize eight times. It is the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in the city of Chicago. It needs a great website framework to manage its daily investigative feature article, deep political reports, intense sports reporting and analysis, entertainment reviews, cultural commentary, and all the other diverse items it features. For that, they turned to WordPress.

The template of the site is pretty basic, but it still offers everything else you want from a good newspaper website. You can navigate it easily. It has a clear and concise look that isn’t assaulting you with effect and animation. It allows users to get news update with minimum hassle, all thanks to WordPress.

Trademark Productions

Based in Royal Oak, MI, Trademark Productions is a web design & development and digital marketing agency that has been rockin’​ the web since well before the cool kids were doing it. Specializing in Web Design & Development, SEO, Social Media, and Internet Marketing, their in-house team artfully blends academic wisdom with self-taught learning.

Nowadays, everyone is a web developer, SEO expert, social media guru, and PR assassin. Yet, these guys stick to one of their founding principles: being great at web design and marketing.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been a big deal in pop culture for several years now. Her WordPress site allows her to makes sure her latest and greatest is out there for her fans. It also shows that she’s staying on the cutting edge of the ever-changing pop music scene.

Her music portfolio website focuses a lot on visuals and social media. It offers high spec portfolio shots of the artists, a list of tour dates, and a merchandise shop. It’s not like the old band websites that overwhelmed you with animation and music that couldn’t be paused. Katy Perry’s site is professional yet full of personality. The simple hand-lettered logo design uses a monochrome color theme and stands out on its own. It is easy to get around and allows users to select what they want to see or hear when they want to see or hear it.

Da Ink

Tattoo artists are often small businesses that rely a lot on web marketing. However, a lot of them don’t have professional websites but instead, rely on Facebook or simple templates. This makes it easy for them to get lost in the crowd.

However, Australian tattoo artist Drew Apicture has created one of the best WordPress blog examples out there. It doesn’t; only create a showcase for his work, but also mimics it throughout its site design.

The site features an edgy and dramatic black background that mixes in some orange and red tones. It has a smart but minimalistic logo design. Apicture is based at one of the Gold Coast’s oldest tattoo shops. He has a passion for black and grey artwork with high contrast. He has often been told his work is too dark, but thanks to his easy-to-use, smartly made website you can tell it has its own beauty.

The Ink Tank

Kao Collins started out as Collins Inkjet in 1989, working as a one-man operation to supply ink for the Kodak continuous inkjet printer. Most people have never thought of printer ink until it runs out in your printer, but the Kao Collin site The Ink Tank is meant to inspire you. Thanks to its great design, it might well succeed.

This is one of those great WordPress blog examples, especially because it seems so niche. It’s really good at catching your eye and alerting you to the newest trends and events in the ink industry. It also shows off the creative ways both artists and businesses are using ink.

One of the best features of The Ink Tank is its History of Printing. This is a stunning parallax single page design that uses animation and effects to tell you all about printing, from clay tablets to the most recent high-speed single pass printing techniques.

Greenwich Library

We often think that public services have terrible websites. However, the Greenwich Library’s WordPress website shows that this doesn’t have to be the case.

Usability was the primary goal of this website design. Form followed function. The website redesign took two years of research, user testing, and design work. The library director, Barbara Ormerod-Glynn, explained that the update was vital because it would allow the library to provide services at all time of day, every day.  They addressed a lot of user concerns with their WordPress website to make sure people could find what they were looking for even in an ocean of content and information.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a very popular mobile game, with a lot of spinoffs and even an animated movie. They also use WordPress to create one of the most professional websites that still captures the game’s sense of weird chaos and fun. It incorporates the game’s visuals as the backdrop of every page on the site. It keeps the same feeling as the game while making sure users can find what they’re looking for.


This site was created to provide info about pop culture and design for creatives. It has a homepage with a magazine template and a sticky navigation menu at that top. With the right selection, you can do this with free WordPress websites, too.

And here’s a selection of great looking WordPress website examples





Thomas May

Red Card

Robert Underwood

The Shift


Life Worth Pursuing

Greta Madline




Twin Dolphin


FAQ on WordPress websites

What are WordPress website examples anyway?

Ah, so WordPress website examples are basically showcases or portfolios of websites built using WordPress. Think of them as glimpses into what the WordPress platform can achieve.  You’re just seeing what’s possible before you dive in and create your own.

How do these examples differ from templates?

Great question! Templates, or themes as they’re commonly called in the WordPress universe, are like blueprints. They determine the look and feel of your site.

On the other hand, WordPress website examples are real, live sites created by folks like you and me. While templates give you a framework, these examples show you how that framework can come alive with content, images, and creative flair.

Why should I look at these WordPress site designs?

Well, inspiration is a biggie! When you’re starting out, or even redesigning an existing site, it helps to see what others have done.

WordPress site designs give you a sense of the current trends, what works, what doesn’t, and maybe even sparks an idea for your own unique spin.

Are all these examples built using free WordPress themes?

Nope, not all. While there are fabulous free WordPress themes out there, many showcased sites often use premium WordPress themes or are custom designed. But here’s the thing: whether free or paid, it’s the customization, content, and the touch of personal creativity that makes each WordPress site stand out.

How important are plugins in these examples?

Super important! Plugins are like the magic tools of WordPress. While the core WordPress gives you the basics, plugins add specific functionalities.

When you check out WordPress website examples, you’ll often see nifty features. Many of these, from SEO to social sharing buttons, are thanks to plugins. They’re kind of the unsung heroes in the WordPress tale.

Can I replicate a WordPress website example I like?

Absolutely! While it’s cool (and easier) to be inspired, direct replication might not be the best route. Every brand and blog has its own vibe, ya know? Instead, take elements you love from various WordPress portfolio samples, mix in your essence, and boom! You’ve got yourself a unique site.

Is there any specific site that has the best WordPress website examples?

There are tons of sites and blogs dedicated to showcasing top WordPress websites. It’s kinda subjective. Some might point you to Awwwards, others might swear by specific theme demo sites. My advice? Explore a few, gather inspiration, and then carve your own path.

Are all WordPress examples blogs?

No way! While WordPress began as a blogging platform, it’s evolved. Big time. Now, from online stores with WooCommerce website examples to portfolios, business sites, and even online communities, WordPress has got you covered.

How often do the design trends change in WordPress?

Oh, design trends are a fickle thing, aren’t they? Just like in fashion, website design sees shifts. With the evolution of Gutenberg block designs and innovative themes, design trends in WordPress might change every year or even faster. But remember, while it’s nice to be trendy, your site should feel like you.

Any tips on making my site as cool as these examples?

Definitely! First, pick a solid theme as your base. Next, don’t be shy about using plugins to jazz things up. Explore Elementor WordPress examples or Divi theme samples for design inspiration. And always remember, your content and your voice are what will make your site truly shine. So, sprinkle in your magic and make it your own!

Ending thoughts on WordPress website examples

So is WordPress good? Take a look at these websites and see! Use them as inspiration for creating a website that looks and functions great.

The lovely part about WordPress is that you can build almost any website with it. It’s very likely that a large portion of the service business websites that you’re seeing on a daily basis are WP-based.

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