How to unpublish a WordPress site with an under construction plugin

If you are currently working on your website and you don’t want people who visit it think that it is out of service permanently, you need to invest in a way of displaying the appropriate message. The pages that are usually displayed when WordPress stuck in maintenance mode are error ones, such as 403, 404 or 503.

Visitors tend not to come back to the respective website if they notice that it doesn’t currently work. Considering this aspect, you may need to find ways to let the visitors know that you are working on the website and it will be republished soon.

In this sense, wpDataTables team believes it is best to learn how to unpublish a WordPress site until the maintenance mode is over.

How to reset WordPress to its default settings

If you are tired of your current WordPress setting and you would like to reset it completely, then you are in the right place. We, here at wpDataTables, think that learning how to reset WordPress is not as difficult as you may consider.

This sort of operation is often required after trying a few plugins which may influence your WordPress settings in an inappropriate way. Resetting the database will help you start clean with what you want.

Add JavaScript to WordPress: How to do It easily

People who use WordPress should learn more about JavaScript and how it is used for a website. To add JavaScript to WordPress, you need to find the most appropriate way to implement it for your own website.

Research holds great importance, as a wrong implementation of JavaScript could lead to consequences that will be troubling to fix.

Tips on writing a great WordPress tagline and best practices

Whoever uses WordPress knows some things about taglines, but not enough to set them right. At wpDataTables, we take WordPress taglines seriously. Setting the WordPress tagline the proper way is not that easy. You will need to learn more about the necessary settings, where to use the taglines and how to write them so that they return more visitors to your website. This article will contain information about all these factors that influence your WordPress tagline quality.

Choosing the best WordPress wiki plugin: 9 options to pick from

Learning more about WordPress Wiki plugins will help you organize the information in a much more aesthetic and digestible manner. The way information is delivered is going to influence what the visitor thinks about the website and whether he will return or not. We know this from the experience from our wpDataTables website.

The good news is that there are several WordPress plugins to choose from to improve the way your wiki knowledge base is looking. This article is all about selecting the WordPress wiki plugin that fits your site the best.