The Most Useful Bootstrap Tables You Can Download and Use

The Most Useful Bootstrap Tables You Can Download and Use

Website layouts are crucial for organizing information into an easily readable format. If you can set up an easy to read layout, you are more likely to attract guests to your site. Tables are one such way of organizing information into an easy to read format.

The Basics of Bootstrap Tables

Tables provide a way of taking a large amount of text and organizing it into a readable format.

Bootstrap tables have additional benefits such as different table styles and responsiveness. Usually, bootstrap tables are used on websites and apps to clearly display and organize information, so choose bootstrap tables if you want a clear orderly and stylish information presentation.

Most applications use tables, although we may not always recognize them as such. They are key to the way we show data to our site visitors. HTML tables are most often used to show text in rows and columns. The Bootstrap 4 framework can improve the appearance of your bootstrap HTML table.

Table Classes

Different bootstrap table classes can be used to add a more stylish flair to your table. These include:

  • Border: Add a border with ‘table bordered’
  • Colors: Add color to different rows with ‘table striped’
  • Condense: Make your rows more compact with ‘table-condensed’
  • Hover: Highlight a table sortable line when you hover with ‘table-hover’

If you want a more simple solution to create tables and embed them on your WordPress website, you can use wpDataTables.

An example of a table built with wpDataTables

wpDataTables is a best-selling WordPress table plugin that makes your work with tables, charts, and data management easy. 30,000+ companies and individuals already trust wpDataTables to work with financial, scientific, statistical, commercial, and other data.

The Best Bootstrap Tables You Can Download


Bootstrap Table by Creative Tim

Fixed Column Table

Keeping all your text and statistics within one table can be a challenge. If there is a lot of information, visitors will need to scroll to see the entire table. The fixed column table layout keeps a fixed column and you can scroll horizontally through the other fields, so

this provides the opportunity to add plenty of bootstrap text to the column without changing the overall look. It is fully customizable, allowing you to use any colors you choose or to create a responsive table and add rows if necessary.

Bootstrap 4 static table with checkboxes and fixed header

Responsive Table

This table design is exceptionally clean and sleek and turns a drab table into something much more eye-catching. It has many customizable features so you can change it to react to how you want.

Bootstrap 4 Business pricing table using HTML and CSS

Bootstrap Table

This bootstrap table is an extended version of the table that integrates with many CSS frameworks. It supports Material Design, Bootstrap, Bulma, Semandic UI, and Foundation. You can install it with npm or yarn by using the Bootstrap Table source JavaScript files and CSS.

Bootstrap table with a fixed header and scrollable body

Fresh Bootstrap Table

Fresh Bootstrap Table offers changeable options to suit your site’s appearance, offering 2 versions and 5 colors. Version one features a  color header and version two has a colored background. The live preview allows you to explore all the stylish options.

Elegant pricing table

If you’d like to see more like this one, check out our article about pricing tables.

Responsive table


Adminator is a dashboard template with many pre-designed elements, making it very easy to set up on your website. This template provides a data table as well as interactive charts. A visual way of viewing data can be helpful for the viewer.

You can use this bootstrap responsive table to search, sort, and adjust the display, and below the table, the viewer can skip to the page they’re seeking.

This pre-designed parts of the table look truly professional, so you can focus on customizing the bootstrap table to suit your site.

Table with Progress Bar

Bootstrap 4 Team Points table

Bootstrap Table Search

Fixed Header Table

Fixed Header Table has plenty of style options, so you can customize it by choosing a unique combination of styles and colors. It features rounded corners to add depth and interest, and the fixed header section is especially useful for those seeking this option.

The dark-themed variety looks incredible on black-themed sites. There is no column border in the variants, which allows you to add as much content as you like without getting cut off. The columns simply adjust themselves to keep the table looking impressive.

Bootstrap 4 Basic table with card


SRTDash offers three bootstrap table design styles, each of which stays the same, only the appearance changes. Each has a fixed header, with arrows to sort options next to the headers.

The top right has a dropdown where you can change the density of the display, which is the number of rows the visitor sees at a time. If it has many rows, users can level up the density of display for easier readability.

Bootstrap table by Manish Raj Silwal

Bootstrap Table – Material Design & Bootstrap 4


Fade and Blur on Hover Data Table

This intuitive design looks fantastic on any type of website. It has a nice header that lets you hover over an option. Then the rest fades, so the section you want is highlighted and clearly visible.

Bootstrap | Table collapse

Responsive Table V2

Responsive Table V2 features a pale color scheme and a larger, clear font, which makes it easier to read the data.

The code is well-written so you can use it as a base to add any preferred additional customized features to the basic functionality. The fundamental design and optimization are very well done.

Pricing Table

Pricing tables show the user price reasons and benefits and the design must be highly organized so that the reader can understand the pricing data, and have a clear concept of your products, subscriptions, or plans. Pricing Table comes with a lovely gradient border with colors that make it eye-catching.

Add rows to a table with jQuery

Using jquery & Bootstrap 4, dynamically add and remove table rows.

FAQs about bootstrap tables

1. What is a Bootstrap table?

A pre-designed HTML table that has been decorated with the Bootstrap framework is known as a Bootstrap table. Bootstrap tables are simple to adjust to meet your needs and offer a clean, contemporary appearance.

2. How do I create a Bootstrap table?

You must include the JavaScript and CSS files for Bootstrap in your HTML document in addition to using the correct classes for the table’s structure and styling to create a Bootstrap table.

3. How can I customize the appearance of a Bootstrap table?

By adjusting the table’s CSS settings, such as the text size, background color, and border style, you can change how a Bootstrap table looks. To add your own styles to the table, you may also utilize custom classes.

4. Can I add filters or sorting to a Bootstrap table?

Sure, you may use JavaScript frameworks like DataTables to add filters and sorting to a Bootstrap table. These libraries offer sophisticated data sorting, filtering, and searching capabilities.

5. How can I make a Bootstrap table responsive?

Tables created with Bootstrap are responsive by default. To make the table more readable on smaller screens, you can use responsive classes like table-responsive to better optimize it for mobile devices.

6. What are some best practices for using Bootstrap tables?

Using meaningful and brief column headings, keeping the table basic and easy to read, and utilizing the right colors to highlight significant information are some best practices when using Bootstrap tables.

7. How can I add pagination to a Bootstrap table?

Using JavaScript libraries like DataTables or the pagination feature included with Bootstrap, you may add pagination to a table. You can divide your table into numerous pages using these features to make it easier to navigate.

8. Can I merge cells or rows in a Bootstrap table?

Indeed, by using the rowspan and colspan elements in the HTML code, you can combine rows or cells in a Bootstrap table. You can merge many cells or rows into a single cell or row by using these characteristics.

9. How can I use JavaScript with Bootstrap tables?

With Bootstrap tables, JavaScript can be used to add dynamic features like filtering, sorting, and pagination. JavaScript can also be used to retrieve data from a database or API and add it to a table.

10. Can I use data from a database with Bootstrap tables?

Absolutely, you may use Bootstrap tables to access data from a database while utilizing server-side programming languages like PHP or ASP.NET. These languages enable you to access a database, retrieve information, and then add the findings to a table.

Ending thoughts on these Bootstrap tables

When you are selecting Bootstrap tables for your website, decide what you want to enhance for the viewer, for example, a pricing table, a data table, or text. Consider where you place each section so that it is as readable as possible. Add in buttons, panels, checkboxes, and more if they will help with readability. You can also choose bootstrap tables with more advanced options, including search, pagination, or sort features.

The best tables are the ones you customize because you know best what will suit your website and your vision. Incorporate your ideas into the design and this will attract more users.

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