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Column visibility

Video versionA video overview of column visibility in wpDataTables

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wpDataTable Column visibility

If some of the columns that you have in the input data source shouldn’t be visible to the front-end users, you can easily hide them, just by un-ticking the “Visible” checkbox:

Columns hidden by unticking of “Visible” checkbox will not be displayed to the front-end users.

Please note a couple of things about column visibility:

  • Invisible columns are still passed to the front-end. It means that if there are a lot of invisible columns, they will load the page without need. So if you don’t need the data in the front-end at all, it’s better to delete these columns in the data source when possible.
  • Invisible columns can be used for filtering. If the advanced filter is enabled, and is rendered in the form, or a widget, the filter can also use the data from invisible columns. Please see this documentation section for details.

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