Awesome Pricing Table Examples (39 Designs)

Any business that offers services or products needs to have a pricing table. Making one is not an easy task.

It needs to look good and attract customers. But it also has to be practical and clear.

It usually contains a list of prices and products or services. The reader has to be able to see what each feature means and how much it costs.

If customers know what they get and how much it will cost them, they will be in a position to make a decision. If the information is not clear, they will be indecisive and may look for what they need in another place.

Business owners with websites will know that making a pricing table is not as simple as it looks. Besides the presentation, the responsiveness of the table is of the utmost importance.

Some pricing table examples can help site owners to design the right kind of table. They show how to present the information in a clear and adequate manner.

Best Practices and Guidelines for Pricing Tables

Under this subheading are suggestions and tips on structuring a pricing table. The design has a big impact on the clients’ decision-making.

A good one can convince clients to buy a product or service. Tables must be clear and easy to read.

When preparing a price list, consider the following reminders:

Give the Right Amount of Information

When looking at a pricing table, a customer should get the right information at a glance. List the most relevant and unique features of the service or product.

As well, list related information about different parts of the website. Find the right balance between completeness and clarity.

If the list features similar items, make the differences between them clear. Do not give irrelevant information but do include what interests the customer.

Transmit Features and Benefits in a Concise Manner

It is a challenge to present the most important features in clear and concise wording.

It needs to contain enough information that is easy for the reader to understand. A confused customer will likely not buy anything.

What is the best way to be concise and clear? Take care not to make an endless pricing table with many pages and columns.

It is better to start listing the most basic options. Then expand on them through extended offers that clearly show the differences.

Do this by including phrases like “same as above, plus…”. Using phrases like these avoids endless repetitions of items and features.

Place the most special items at the top of the pricing table and the more common ones at the bottom.

Put the Focus on Popular Choices

A pricing table design that you can create with wpDataTables

Highlight suggested choices with words like “Most Popular” or “Best Seller“. The most popular options on the pricing table are usually the mid-price choice.

If the most popular choice is the more expensive choice, do not hesitate to promote that one. Highlight this choice by supersizing it, adding a frame, or some other eyecatcher.

Make choosing that option easy for the customer. By drawing attention to this option, a customer is more likely to pick it and in less time.

The goal is not necessarily to make customers select that option. But it is very likely that many will.

That is good because it will increase income. By highlighting the most popular choice, some will choose a higher-level option.

It makes the more expensive products or services seem more affordable.

Do Not Just Delete Items That Are Not Included

It is a good idea to show the customer what each plan includes. In this way, they will know what they are getting.

However, they are also interested in the things that are not included. That is even more important in increasing sales.

The use of strike-through is a smart way of indicating what feature is not included in a plan. That shows the customer exactly what the difference is between each plan.

This gives many clients a reason to choose a higher level of service, with a bigger price tag.

Make the Price Stand Out

A pricing table design that you can create with wpDataTables

Without a doubt, the price is what most customers look at first when they go over a pricing table. Strangely, leaving out prices is the most common mistake on B2B and B2C websites. While some B2B companies can use B2B portals to interact with potential business partners and share the pricing strategy, it’s hard for B2C brands to access such an option.

Take care not to make the same mistake. Make it clear to the customer what the cost of each item is.

Font selection is an important element of pricing table design. The choice of font depends on the kind of product or service.

Of course, it should also blend with the design. The headlines, titles, and prices should stand out on a table, so they are normally in bold.

Still, the overall visual and semantic weight of the pricing should be taken into account.

Do Not Use Too Many Visuals

Images and other design elements can make a pricing table more appealing. But do not go overboard with them.

Small touches of visuals have a much bigger impact, making the important things stand out. Use images with caution and avoid visual overcrowding.

Icons are a different matter. They help the reader understand the information that they are reading.

Still, take care to also use the icons in a meaningful way. A green checkmark next to “Unlimited” says nothing.

Thumbnails, or small images of the products, are also helpful. Comparative pricing tables are more informative if they show thumbnails of the products.

Place Them in Descending Order

For a reader, it is more pleasant to go down the prices on a pricing table than to go up one. So, it is best to start with the higher-priced items.

In this way, the customer cannot ignore those products or services. Those are the ones that will bring in more money.

Otherwise, they might only see the less expensive items and ignore the rest.

Use the same principle going from left to right on the pricing page. List the more expensive ones on the left-hand side and the cheaper ones on the right.

Again, this exposes the eyes of the client first to the higher-end options, without a price bias.

Illustrate the Difference

The human brain processes images and symbols faster than text. Use this fact to your advantage.

Instead of writing “yes” or “no” at every option, use a symbol. This helps the reader to take in the information.

It also improves the aesthetics by removing the clutter of unnecessary text.

A word of caution here. It has been found that a checkmark and an X have a similar appearance so are easy to confuse.

Also, their meaning is rather ambiguous. So, readers can interpret them to mean different things.

Leave Room for Customization

Leave some room for flexibility. A table is the most common way of presenting pricing information.

Sometimes, though, it’s good to show prices in a way that goes beyond the simple organization in columns and rows.

So when designing a pricing page, leave customization options in the web design. This can be used immediately or at some point in the future.

Flexibility allows customers to feel they are in control of their purchasing decisions.

One idea could be to include the option of toggling between monthly or annual billing. This allows the clients to compare the two billing options.

Pricing table examples

Those were some pointers and reminders for making a pricing table. But to get some inspiration, here are some examples of pricing tables.

These are some of the best. Have a look at them to learn how to design and present a pricing table

Pricing Section 02

Pricing Page Web

Pricing Section 03

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Pricing Section 01

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Insurance Car Pricing Web

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Roadmap’s new pricing model

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InUnison Pricing

Mooneh Pricing Page

Pricing Page

Private Healthcare Plans

Pricing – Light and Dark mode

Pricing – Insurtech

Pricing Desktop Exploration (Free Figma Files)


Accesselite Pricing page

TRACX Pricing Page

Pricing Page

Flexible Plans

Final thoughts on these pricing table examples

Pricing tables are one of the tools that a business owner can use to improve sales. Clients can see what services or products a business offers and how much they cost.

They can make a comparison of the different options at one glance. That helps them to make a fast decision.

Using the tips and pricing table examples above, one can create an effective pricing table.

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