How to Create Great WordPress Charts With These Plugins

You don’t have to be an analyst to be able to include data on your website and in your posts. Adding WordPress charts to your website adds credibility to the information you are sharing. Visual representations are also an important way to complement written reports and illustrate the information you are sharing. There are excellent data visualization tools that enable you to easily add charts, graphs, and tables to WordPress.

WordPress Plugin Update Failed: How to Fix It

WordPress powers around 37% of the internet. The attraction for many is the control it gives the user, and how user-friendly the design process is. WordPress is able to offer this feature via plugins. Plugins need updating, however, a common problem many users experience is to find their WordPress plugin update has failed.

How to Create a Table in WordPress Without a Plugin

Whether you are a business, freelancer, or hobbyist, having your own website is a necessity these days. It is vital to have an inviting, clean, and functional website, using tables and charts to display information. Lists of ingredients for food bloggers, opening hours for businesses, or product price lists all require tables to make the important information on your website readable and easily accessible. WordPress is a popular choice, however, the question will arise of how to create a table in WordPress without a plugin.