Custom WordPress Header Guide: Easy Ways to Create Perfect Headers

One of the most important visual elements of your website is represented by the header. Since it is placed strategically to the top, the WordPress header might be the first element a visitor notices when he visits your site.

This is the main reason why you should pay tremendous attention when designing it. Take a look at wpDataTables‘ website header.

The header dictates the rest of the website’s identity, which means you can customize it according to your website’s goals. The impact a website header has on a visitor should be the factor that motivates you to invest more of your time in designing a good one.

This article represents a short guide on creating custom WordPress headers. Continue reading to learn more about this topic.

Err Too Many Redirects: How to Fix This Issue

Have you never noticed the err_too_many_redirects message appearing on your screen? Too many redirects is actually a quite common error so it is important to know how to fix this issue.

If you are running a self-hosted WordPress website, you already know that it comes with many benefits. However, you might have noticed that it also comes with a few errors that the beginners might find particularly problematic.

When running the wpDataTables website, we also faced some common errors like the internal servers issues, the white screen of death, and some smaller issues.

These can cause you a lot of stress down the road. So it is important to take care of these problems in a timely manner. We will teach you how.

Change WordPress URL: How to do it without messing up

How to change the WordPress URL and why would you want to do that?

A WordPress site URL is automatically created when you create a new page.

Since WordPress uses the titles to create WordPress URLs, you will often end up with a WordPress URL that you actually wanted. However, if you are not happy with the site URL, you can easily change it and today we are going to teach you how to do it.

The All-Time Olympic Medal Table And Statistics

The Olympics, or as they are officially called, The Olympic Games, gather the best athletes around the globe to compete in a variety of disciplines. Each of the athletes represents his country and the National Olympic Committee.

Modern Olympics, on the other hand, is how we refer to all tournaments organized from 1986 Athens to 2022 Beijing. Rather than another multi-sport event on an international level, the Olympics rely on principles. They show a great understanding of history, geopolitics, and power dynamics. They stand for values such as non-discrimination and women’s empowerment.

We’ll talk more about the Olympics in this article, but first, let’s see the all-time Olympic medal table, after the summer and winter Olympics ones.