WordPress testimonial plugin options you should know of

Driving much traffic to your website is a great achievement, but it means nothing unless visitors perform your final call-to-action. A WordPress testimonial plugin may be just what you need to get your previous customers’ testimonials work in your favor.

You don’t need visitors to land on your website and admire your stylish design; you need visitors to do an intended action that will improve your bottom line, whether it means buying your products or services or signing up to a subscription list.

Visitors are not easy to persuade into performing one task or another. They come equipped with a full dose of skepticism, which requires a lot of persuasive skills on your part. The performance of a website depends on your ability to make visitors trust you.

In today’s internet age, you have multiple tools at your disposal to help you build credibility as a business and one of the most useful tools in this respect is a WordPress testimonial plugin that allows you to share the positive experiences of previously satisfied clients.

Best-Rated WordPress Testimonial Plugins

WordPress testimonials are essential if you want to increase your website’s credibility. You can incorporate a testimonial into your website as a standalone WordPress testimonials page, a WordPress testimonials widget, or a slideshow. It’s your decision.

Displaying testimonials is not rocket science, but collecting testimonials is an entirely different business. However, you can collect WordPress testimonials, as well as social testimonials via recommended WordPress plugins that do an excellent job in this respect.

The internet is packed with testimonial plugins. Each of them pretends to be the best testimonial plugin WordPress you could ever wish for, and much more. In our opinion, the best WordPress testimonial plugin should meet a set of specific requirements.

The best testimonials plugin for WordPress should be trendy and enjoy rave reviews, it should frequently be updated, its developer should provide excellent support, and it should come equipped with a set of functions that make it unique among other testimonial plugins.

  1. Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials is a user-friendly WordPress testimonial plugin.  Considered a basic WordPress testimonial plugin, Easy Testimonials comes equipped with numerous functions, and, with 80,000 downloads, it’s one popular plugin.

With a 4.6 stars overall rating, it displays testimonials via a custom testimonial widget for website. It allows you to feature your testimonials on any page through shortcodes. Also, you can generate shortcodes from the settings menu as well as customize display options.

Easy Testimonials has a great feature that makes it a top-rated WordPress testimonial plugin. It enables you to decide the way testimonials are displayed. You have 30 styles to pick from, and you can customize how you display testimonials without being a CSS-genius.

Easy Testimonials allows you to enter personalized CSS codes if you prefer polishing up the display even more. Transparent, as well as easy to use, this plugin is accompanied by complete documentation just in case you need additional clarifications.

Furthermore, clients testify that the developer responds quickly to any potential problems.

  1. Testimonials Widget

Testimonials Widget is considerate a popular WordPress testimonial plugin packed with a full set of features. In addition to testimonials, you can use this plugin to show reviews or portfolio projects on your WordPress powered website.

It is a multifaceted testimonial plugin, and you can display testimonials consisting of text, images, and videos.  Furthermore, testimonials widget supports tags and categories, as well as review schema for rich snippets.

Testimonials Widget allows you to show your testimonials via widgets,  shortcodes, or functions in your theme files. Testimonials Widget is a WordPress testimonial plugin that is perfect for developers looking to show a full spectrum of client testimonials.

  1. Testimonials Basics

With Testimonial Basics, you can include testimonials quickly without any sophisticated configurations.  You don’t need to be a CSS expert to personalize the look of your testimonial: you have several styling options, among which 9 distinct typefaces.

Actual users say that this WordPress testimonial plugin doesn’t require a Ph.D. to configure or use.  It is ideal for those who don’t like getting too deep into coding or don’t want to waste time understanding how everything works.

Testimonial Basics is compatible with Gravatar and a five-star rating system. If the customer sharing a testimonial has a Gravatar linked to their email address, you don’t have to upload any images. Testimonials Basics will do that for you directly from Gravatar.

You can gather testimonials directly on your website with input forms, including widgets or shortcodes.  You can also use widgets or shortcodes to display testimonials. Testimonials Basics is offered in German, Dutch, French,  and Spanish in addition to English

  1. Thrive Themes Ovation

Thrive ovation is a versatile WordPress testimonial plugin that lets you collect as well as display testimonials on your website.  It’s a plug-in that allows automatic display of testimonials following approval.

  1. Testimonials Showcase

A premium WordPress testimonials plugin, Testimonials Showcase is developed by Carlos Moreira and lets you show testimonials either as sliders or grids.  Equipped with 5 inbuilt templates, this plugin permits customization of images and layout settings via the interface.

Testimonials Showcase supports a star-based rating system as well as review schema for rich snippets. Via a frontend collection form, this plugin lets you collect testimonials and allows you to create a dynamic content from a range of available testimonials.

  1. Testimonial Rotator

A free WordPress testimonial plugin, the Testimonial Rotator allows you to show testimonials as posts on your frontend. The developer of this plug-in sells a set of premium themes for customization instead of concealing the best features behind a premium version.

You can randomize your testimonials, add star ratings, and create and insert different rotators via a shortcode or widget. The standard version of the Testimonial Rotator includes two free themes. You can create a custom theme if you are equipped with coding knowledge, or you can buy a premium theme from the developer.

  1. Strong Testimonials

A highly customizable WordPress testimonial plugin, Strong Testimonials gives access to several display modalities including grid, slider, and single column. Equipped with a custom form, this plug-in lets clients share their testimonials and reviews directly on your website.

Furthermore, Strong Testimonials embeds Twitter, Facebook, and YoutTube to help you collect reviews from social media.

  1. BNE Testimonials

A very simple WordPress testimonial plugin, BNE Testimonials provides a sidebar widget and shortcode for you to display your customer testimonials.  Display options include plain list and slider layout continuing your WordPress theme’s display style.

FAQ on WordPress testimonial plugins

What’s the Best WordPress Testimonial Plugin Out There?

Oh, you know, it’s kind of like picking your favorite pizza topping, depends on what you fancy. But, a lot of folks rave about ‘Testimonials Showcase.’

It’s like a powerhouse, really, letting you set up grids, sliders, and you can even get creative with the submission forms. It plays nice with your theme and doesn’t throw a fit on mobile screens. A solid choice, indeed.

Can I Customize the Look of My Testimonials?

Totally! Most of these plugins, they’re like a blank canvas. You get to pick colors, fonts, and decide where things go. You want a carousel?

You got it. More of a grid person? No problem. And you can usually preview the changes in real-time, so you know exactly what you’re getting. It’s all about making those testimonials pop and match your vibe.

How Do I Deal With Spam in My Testimonial Submission Form?

Ah, spam. The annoying fly of the internet. So, for this, you gotta bring out the big guns. I mean, not actual guns, but like, anti-spam plugins, you know?

Akismet’s a popular choice. And don’t forget, a good ol’ captcha can work wonders. Just gotta make sure it’s not too annoying for the real humans.

Is There a Way to Import Reviews From Other Platforms?

Oh, for sure! You’re not stuck with just the stuff folks type in on your site. A lot of plugins let you pull in reviews from Google, Facebook, the whole shebang.

Just a heads-up, though, sometimes you need the premium version for that fancy feature. But, hey, it might just be worth it if it saves you time and brings in that sweet, sweet social proof.

Can I Add Ratings to My Testimonials?

Yeah, buddy! Stars, numbers, thumbs up – whatever floats your boat. Adding ratings adds that extra layer of credibility, you know?

People see those stars, and they’re like, “Yep, this is legit.” Just make sure the plugin you pick has that option. It’s like a little boost for your testimonials’ street cred.

What If I Want to Show Video Testimonials?

Video testimonials? Oh, you’re speaking my language now. A lot of the top plugins out there handle videos like a pro.

You just drop the link or upload the file, and boom – it’s showtime. Video testimonials are like the cool cousin of written testimonials. They grab attention and keep folks engaged.

Is It Possible to Categorize My Testimonials?

You bet! If you’ve got a bunch of testimonials, you don’t want them just hanging out in a big jumbled mess. Categories to the rescue! You can organize them by product, service, or whatever makes sense for your site. It’s like having a neat, little filing system for all those kind words.

How Do I Make My Testimonials SEO Friendly?

Alright, so you want the search engines to love your testimonials as much as you do. Got it. Make sure your plugin plays nice with rich snippets. That way, Google gets all the juicy details about your testimonials, and might just show them off in the search results. And don’t forget about those semantically relevant keywords. Sprinkle them in naturally, and you’re golden.

Can I Show Testimonials From a Specific Category on Different Pages?

Yeah, you’re in control here. If you’ve got your testimonials all nice and categorized, you can totally pick and choose where they show up. Want customer stories about your coaching services on one page, and product reviews on another? Done and done. It’s all about showing the right love in the right places.

How Do I Encourage My Customers to Leave a Testimonial?

Alright, so you want the golden nuggets of customer praise. I get it. Make it easy for them. Have a simple form on your site, shoot them an email after they’ve used your product or service, and just ask. People like to share their experiences, especially if they had a good time. And hey, a little nudge never hurt.

Ending thoughts on finding the best WordPress testimonial plugin

Irrespective of what action you want your visitors to perform on your website, you need customer testimonials to increase your conversion rate. These plugins enable you to reach your desired goals.

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