The best WordPress file upload plugin options to use

WordPress has evolved into much more than just a website building platform. It now covers about 32% of all internet sites and is constantly increasing its presence. It is implementing user-friendly capabilities and making the experience better for all.

However, WordPress does not enable the users to upload the files with the front end. That functionality is especially important if you rely on user feedback and their files.

This can be enabled with a WordPress file upload plugin and there are a number of high-quality WordPress file upload plugin choices, which can be a little overwhelming.

This article created by our team at WpDataTables will help make your choice easier.

The best WordPress file upload plugin options


WPForms has a reputation as one of the best drag and drop builders for WordPress. It’s ideal for beginners and there are multiple templates to choose from. You can create several types of forms with this plugin, including the file upload form.

There are also various customization options that enable you to set everything the way you like. You can limit the file sizes of the uploads, and select the file extensions that your users can upload which is a great feature if you need specific file types.

Formidable Forms

Need to upload files into your online forms? The Formidable Forms multiple file uploader makes it easy to upload as many files as you need to. Quickly drag and drop or click to upload files into your forms on WordPress.

When you upload files, they will be stored in your WordPress Media Library for easy access. From there you can simply browse, filter, view, or delete uploads however you wish.

Everest Forms Pro

Everest Forms Pro plugin is an excellent form builder, then enabling you to create forms, including the file upload form. There’s a drag and drop builder, and you can create as many as you want, whenever you need one.

Additionally, this plugin’s forms are responsive, meaning they’ll work flawlessly from any type of device. There are various plans to choose from, and the Premium plan has more available file extensions. It enables a translated user it’s a great choice for an international audience.

WP User Frontend

The WP User Front end plugin is a great option to enable your users several front end actions, such as registrations and file uploads. In addition, the plugin offers extensive options for building and customizing the front end of your website.

This is a great capability to encourage guest posts on your website. The users also have a small admin area where they can edit and customize their posts. So this plugin is excellent if you need a good front end customizing tool.

WP Media File Manager

The WP Media File Manager makes controlling and customizing your files and media library very easy. It has categories and folders where you can store your files and media, a drag and drop interface, and integrated shortcuts to files.

This WordPress file upload plugin plays an important role as it allows more file types to be uploaded, and is compatible with other 3rd party plugins and various themes.

WP Extra File Types

This plugin enables the extension of the library of file types acceptable to your website. It offers several options for file types that are not usually available with WordPress.

Drop Uploader for CF7

This plugin operates purely as a WordPress file upload plugin. The users can easily upload files to your website with the drag and drop function. You can also send uploaded files as email attachments.

Additional capabilities of the plugin include the ability to add files of any size and it will also accept various file types.

WordPress File Upload

This plugin is packed with useful features, including providing an easy way to upload files, and you can place this option anywhere on your website, be it a page, post, or even in a sidebar.

A shortcode is provided by the plugin that enables these capabilities. The visual editor allows you to create a custom plugin, which you can edit and customize.

User Registration

This free User Registration WordPress file upload plugin allows registration as well as file uploads. It works for business as well as personal websites.

This plugin supports an almost unlimited amount of forms. It’s also highly responsive and retina ready, making it the perfect plugin if you want to adhere to different screen sizes and various platforms.

N-Media file uploader plugin

This is a simple, functional, free plugin, designed to do what it is intended, which is toallow your users to upload files from the front end. You can customize the look of the Upload button to whatever you prefer, and it includes some customization.

Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress

This premium option is the most secure plugin on the market.  It uses AJAX coding technology so it works fast and looks elegant at the same time.

It enables your users to upload files easily and quickly, which the ajax system then allows you to download instantly.

WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader

This plugin is a drag and drop WordPress file upload plugin for WooCommerce. Your users can upload purchased products straight from the page, with a simple drag and drop system.

Frontend Uploader

This plugin is free and allows your visitors to upload content on the front end. Users will be able to submit posts and pages and various files and custom post types, as well as enabling simple file uploads.

User Submitted Posts

This is another free product that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Anyone can share and post their views, and it includes many attributes that support expandable features.

The plugin also allows active translation, a very useful feature if you have an international base of clients. The users can upload content of various types, including URLs, emails, titles, tags, and more.

Gravity Forms Advanced File Uploader

This plugin is very useful for uploading videos to your website. If you upload to Youtube, then it can be used to embed the videos to your website..

This plugin enables you to automatically upload to YouTube whatever you upload to your website. It’s also compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Arfaly Press

The Arfaly Press plugin is the perfect solution for uploading multimedia files to your website. There’s a strong back end system that controls everything, and it’s also highly configurable, letting you create an intuitive and attractive interface.

FAQ on WordPress file upload plugins

Which WordPress File Upload Plugin is the Best?

Oh, you know, there’s quite a bunch of them out there, but it really boils down to what you need. Some folks swear by Gravity Forms because it’s super versatile, you can create forms, and yeah, add file upload fields with ease.

Then there’s WPForms, pretty user-friendly and has a drag and drop builder. If you’re into more advanced stuff, you might wanna check out Advanced Custom Fields. It’s like giving steroids to your WordPress media library!

How Do I Set Up a File Upload in a WordPress Form?

Alright, let’s roll up our sleeves! First, you gotta have a form plugin that supports file uploads. WPForms is a solid pick. Install it, activate, and then create a new form. You’ll find an option to add a file upload field; just drag and drop it onto your form.

Make sure you adjust the settings, like allowed file types and max file size, to keep things running smoothly. Hit save, embed the form on your page, and you’re golden!

Can Users Upload Multiple Files at Once?

Yeah, for sure! A lot of the WordPress file upload plugins out there support multiple file uploads. But it’s not just about the plugin; your server needs to be ready for that action too.

So, check your PHP settings, make sure that ‘max_file_uploads’ is set to a number that suits your needs. Some plugins might require a bit of setup or additional add-ons to get this feature rolling, so keep an eye out for that.

How Do I Secure File Uploads on My WordPress Site?

Security, my friend, is key. First, be picky about the file types you allow. Stick to the basics unless you absolutely need more. Next, set a sensible file size limit.

You don’t want someone dumping a 2GB file on your server, right? Make sure your file upload permissions are tight. Only people who really need to upload should have the power to do so. And hey, regular scans for malicious files? Not a bad idea!

Is There a Way to Add a Progress Bar for File Uploads?

Absolutely, a progress bar makes the whole uploading thing less of a mystery for your users. Some plugins come with this feature straight out of the box.

It’s a matter of finding the right setting and flipping the switch. If your chosen plugin doesn’t have this feature, no sweat, there might be some custom code or additional plugins out there that can help bridge the gap. Users love seeing that their upload is actually going somewhere, trust me.

How Can I Integrate File Uploads with Cloud Storage?

So you’re looking to send those files straight to the cloud, huh? Smart move! Plugins like WP Offload Media can help you connect your WordPress site to cloud storage services like Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or Google Cloud Storage.

You set it up, and voila, your media files go straight to the cloud, saving you space and potentially speeding things up. Just make sure you’ve got your API keys and all that techy stuff ready to go.

Can I Replace an Existing Media File Without Changing its URL?

Yeah, this is a common headache, but there’s a solution! There are plugins like “Enable Media Replace” that let you swap out a media file right from the WordPress media library, and the best part? The URL stays the same.

So, no broken links, no hassle with updating posts or pages. Just a simple switcheroo, and you’re all set. It’s a real time-saver and keeps things neat and tidy.

Is it Possible to Have a Frontend File Upload Feature?

Totally, you can absolutely allow your users to upload files without making them go to the WordPress dashboard. It’s all about creating a frontend form.

Plugins like WPForms or Formidable Forms let you create these forms, add a file upload field, and place it wherever you need it on your site. Users can then upload files right from the page, making it super user-friendly.

How Do I Handle File Upload Errors?

Errors, they happen to the best of us. First, make sure your error messages are clear. Users should know what went wrong. Is the file too big? Wrong file type?

Make sure your server settings are in check, PHP settings like ‘upload_max_filesize’ and ‘post_max_size’ can be the culprits sometimes. And hey, keep an eye on your WordPress file upload permissions too. Everything needs to be set just right for a smooth upload experience.

Can I Optimize Images During the Upload Process?

Oh, for sure, image optimization is like the secret sauce for faster load times. Plugins like Smush or Imagify can automatically compress and optimize your images as they’re uploaded.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone, you get your images in the WordPress media library, and they’re optimized for the web. Users get a faster site, and you save on storage space.

Ending thoughts on the best WordPress file upload plugin

These are the most highly recommended WordPress file upload plugin options for your WordPress site. The list includes free and premium options with various capabilities, the choice depends on your needs.

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