WordPress migration plugin options to move your website

An all in one WordPress migration from one place to another is not that uncommon! There are many reasons why someone would want to do that: developers move their client’s project from the local server, unhappy customers move from their old web host because of slow service, and so on.

You may think that this process takes too much time and hassle, but that is why we are here! We are going to list plenty of plugins that transfer your WordPress site with ease. Some of them are free, some of them are premium, and all of them are excellent.

Why bother moving WordPress?

We already covered two reasons why you should move WordPress site to new host, and here is one more. You may want to duplicate your website to work on it locally. That allows you to test plugins, themes, and their compatibility.

While installing WordPress is done within minutes, moving your website only takes a couple of steps, and that is if you choose to do it manually.

  1. Backup all the data,
  2. copy your content, files and images into the correct (again: correct!) directory structures,
  3. Restore the database
  4. Move and activate your plugins and widgets
  5. Test the site to make sure there are no errors.

Looks quite simple, doesn’t it? That is until you try to do it. The process gets quite time-consuming and more error-prone if you have a website with a ton of posts and images. Manual installation leaves your WordPress migration exposed to the risk of losing data.

Okay, so what should you do?

“There’s a plugin for that!” – Internet 2018.

We live in an age of digital wonders, and everything is simplified and automated. Same goes for all in one WP migration. There are so many plugins that take care of everything for you, and we are going to list a couple of them we think are a great choice.

The plugins can even perform an automatic backup of data during migration, removing the risk of data loss. Before you start spam-clicking the download button, keep in mind the following points:

  • Test your automatic backup to make sure that it is not corrupt. Let’s not jinx it!
  • Keep your original WordPress install live just in case you encounter a problem during the migration.
  • Be a darling and update your DNS when the migration is complete.

All right? Well then, it is time to take a look at those wonderful plugins.

WordPress migration plugin options


Featuring the most modern and simple user interface, FastDup minimizes all steps you need to clone your website. If you are a WordPress beginner, this plugin is perfect for you. 

Moreover, all WordPress experts can’t be turned down when duplicating any WordPress live site. Since FastDup is composed of clean quality codes, its powerful strength is to copy elements quickly. FastDup helps make sure every change runs smoothly for you to test major updates regularly.

FastDup works well on various web servers including Nginx, Apache, LiteSpeed, Lighttpd, IIS, uWSGI, WebServerX, etc.

Top features:

  • Multiple packages
  • Multiple templates
  • Fast migration
  • Modern UI/UX

Finally, a WordPress migration plugin you can rely on! Download now!

WordPress Migration Plugin – WordPress Duplicator

As the name suggests, this is a data duplicator plugin. It is free; it allows you to make a WP clone, backup, move and transfer an entire sits. Let’s check the statistics: duplicator WordPress plugin has over a million active installations and an average rating of 4.9 stars (out of 5).

An indeed quite impressive and handy WordPress clone plugin!

As soon as you install and activate it, you can tell that the plugin is made by developers for developers. It offers a great way for pulling a production site on your local computer for both testing and developing purposes.

WordPress Duplicator also has a premium version which comes with even more features. Be sure to check them out as well if you are not just looking for a simple duplicator plugin.


We wish we have friends like these.

BackupBuddy is by far the best WordPress backup plugin. It can move your entire website, including themes, plugins, widgets and more, from one to another domain or host. However, this service comes with a price.

Using the plugin is really simple, just follow the on-screen messages, and a script will take care of the rest.

There are several premium plans, from blogger to gold – gold being the most expensive one and the one that provides the most features. Luckily, from time to time you may catch a promotion where you can get up to 35% discount, which is really nice.

WP Migrate DB Pro

So you want to migrate WordPress site to a new host? This plugin is the one for you. It lets you copy your database from one WP install to another with just a simple click of a button, and it even does an automatic backup.

Quite handy for all of you local-developers out there, isn’t it?

WP Migrate DB Pro enables you to simply push and pull a live database and replace it with your local one. Additionally, it detects serialized data and makes sure that nothing is corrupted.

The plugin has three premium plans, and occasionally offers discounts.

UpdraftPlus Migrator Extension

A great plugin that offers a simple backup solution for free!

If you decide to make a small investment, you can get an add-on with additional migration and cloning features. Using the premium version you can even swap URLs, and fix any potential serialization issues.

If you are only migrating from one host to another while keeping the same URL, you can use the free version only.

All in One WP Migration

Get ready for all in one migration with one of the best plugins on the market. It is time for some dazzling statistics: the plugin has over a million active installs, 4.8 out of 5 stars user satisfaction rating.

All in one WP migration is another great plugin that has both free and premium user accounts!

It has an easy-to-use export and import migration features, and it bypasses all upload size restrictions.

Using the export screen you can find and replace texts (like URLs), exclude unwanted data from the export (spam, comment, themes, revisions and so on). The export file is saved on your computer.

The import screen is there to facilitate the upload of the mentioned export file.

WP Backitup

This little fellow comes with automatic scheduled backups and stores them on the plugin’s servers. You can backup your themes, plugins, media upload, and, of course, your database.

The free version of the plugin limits restoring from backups. That is a feature reserved for premium users which can, additionally, copy or migrate a site using the same backup and restore process.

We would suggest you pick up this plugin if you are looking for a cheap hosted backup plugin which can facilitate site migrations if needed.

FAQ on WordPress migration plugins

What’s the Real Deal with WordPress Migration Plugins?

So, let’s chat about these tools that promise to move our entire digital world from one corner of the internet to another. We’re talking about WordPress migration plugins, folks! What these little geniuses do is pack up your entire site—posts, pages, settings, you name it—and move it to a new home, hassle-free. It’s like having a moving truck for your website.

Can I Trust These Plugins to Move Every Single Bit of My Website?

You betcha! But, you know, not all plugins are created equal. Most of the top-tier WordPress migration tools will scoop up your entire site—database, themes, plugins, the whole shebang. Yet, some might need a little nudge and manual tweaking, especially if you’ve got custom configurations. So, always double-check, and maybe even do a trial run.

What If My Site Is as Huge as a Whale? Will Migration Plugins Still Work?

They sure will! But here’s the thing: bigger sites need more muscle. If your website’s packing a lot of content and data, choosing a robust migration tool is key. Some plugins are specifically designed to handle large-scale migrations, making sure your digital behemoth moves smoothly to its new home.

Any Recommendations on the Best WordPress Migration Plugins Out There?

Ah, the million-dollar question! Look, there are a few stars in this field. Duplicator and All-in-One WP Migration are like the rockstars of WordPress migration. They’ve got the power, the user-friendly vibe, and they know their stuff. And yeah, they’ve got a fantastic track record in helping folks move their sites without breaking a sweat.

Are These Migration Tools a Free Ride, or Do I Need to Pull Out My Wallet?

Aha, onto the cash talk! Well, you’ve got options. Many WordPress migration tools offer free versions, and they do a decent job for smaller sites. But, if your site’s more like a bustling city than a quiet town, you might want to look at their premium versions. They pack extra features and power for a smoother transition.

I’ve Heard Some Chatter About Website Migration Services. What’s That About?

Right, so these are like your full-service movers. Website migration services take the load off your shoulders, handling the whole migration process for you. It’s a bit pricier, but hey, if you’re looking for a no-sweat, no-fuss solution, it might just be the ticket. Plus, these pros know their way around potential hiccups and roadblocks.

Any Pro Tips on Using These WordPress Migration Plugins?

Absolutely! Here’s a golden nugget for you: always, and I mean always, backup your site before you start migrating. It’s like insurance for your digital space. And hey, take your time to check your new site after migration, ensure everything’s in place, and that it’s functioning just like it should. Patience is key, my friend.

I’ve Got a Multisite Setup. Any Special Tricks for Migrating That?

Multisite migrations are like the Mount Everest of WordPress moves. But fear not! Some migration tools are built to tackle multisite networks head-on. You just need to make sure you pick a plugin that’s up for the challenge, and as always, back up everything before you start the move.

What If I Want to Do a Trial Migration First? Is That Possible?

Smart move! And yes, it’s totally doable. Many WordPress site transfer tools allow you to do a test run or a partial migration. This way, you get to see how the plugin performs and fix any issues before you commit to the full migration. It’s like a dress rehearsal for your website’s big move.

Any Common Hiccups I Should Be Ready For?

Well, you know, every move has its bumps. Sometimes links might break, or images may decide to play hide and seek. But don’t sweat it. Most migration issues can be fixed with a bit of troubleshooting. Just stay calm, take a deep breath, and you’ll get your digital home in tip-top shape in no time.

Ending thoughts on WordPress migration

So many plugins, so little time. Speaking of lack of time, all of the listed plugins will help you migrate your WordPress website much faster than if you would do it manually.

Each plugin has its own special features and uses; it really comes down to you to decide which one is the best.

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