Paypal vs Stripe in WooCommerce: What’s the difference?

PayPal and Stripe remain the most popular payment gateways that WooCommerce supports. Why? Both Stripe and PayPal provide free WooCommerce extensions, have equitable rates, ensure seamless transactions, and stand by trustworthy business practices. But who wins the battle Paypal vs Stripe?

Great jQuery plugins for your WordPress site

The internet has highlighted the importance of WordPress jQuery plugins for both bloggers and developers who are looking to save time and resources for their online projects. There is a jQuery WordPress plugin to suit the needs, requirements, and expectations of any project.

How to become a front end developer – Skills to have

Whereas website design deals with how a website looks, front end development is concerned with how the web design is implemented on the web.

Are you curious what makes a site act the way it does? Have you ever wondered upon arriving on a website how to become a front end developer?