The Best WordPress Editor Plugin Options For You To Try

Ah, the great WordPress editor plugin world and all of its amazing options. Isn’t it crazy how many WordPress visual editors there are on the market nowadays?

While wpDataTables provides you with a top-notch experience when it comes to building any type of table, choosing a WordPress editor plugin can be a challenge.

And while we can all agree that having a good selection of WordPress editors is a plus, the problem is that choosing the right one might not be so easy.

There are several factors that can affect your choice when picking the right WordPress editor.

First of all, you should consider the design, functionality, graphic, ease of use, and how well the WordPress HTML editor of your choice fits into your overall needs.

Luckily, we are here to help you with that with our selection of the top WordPress editor plugins.

Hopefully, it will make your decision a little bit easier and help you pick the best WordPress editor for you.

Choose a WordPress WordPress editor plugin from these options

Elementor Page Builder

Gone are the days when you were using just the text editor that WordPress has.

Elementor is the world’s leading WordPress drag and drop builder plugin that will truly amaze even the most demanding users.

Its lighting speed is what makes this WP text editor truly stand out from the competition. Even though there are lots of premium themes built around it, there are also a lot of Free Elementor templates that you can check out online.

It’s pointless to say how many website owners use this one at the moment for creating WordPress posts and pages because each month they’re adding more and more users. But I’ll just mention this: several million users.

The most important features of this cool WordPress visual editor include:

  • Drag & Drop Editor – the fastest, most intuitive editor in WordPress. Simply drag, drop and customize
  • Mobile Editing – Switch to mobile view, and tweak every element to make it look perfect on any device
  • No Coding – Reach high-end designs, without any coding. The resulting page code is compact and optimized for every device
  • Video Tutorials
  • Template Library – Choose from over 300 beautifully crafted templates, designed to fit every industry and need
  • Widgets – Choose from dozens of widgets to create any content you need: buttons, headlines, forms, etc.
  • Translation Ready – Elementor has been translated into over 50 languages, and the list of languages keeps growing

Ultimate Blocks


Gutenberg is said to be the future of WordPress editor. Unfortunately, you won’t find the enough number of custom blocks and features in the editor. This is why most people still seem to depend on drag-and-drop tools and page builder plugins.

But if you want to power up the Gutenberg editor and present your content excitingly, you must try the Ultimate Blocks plugin. This plugin has 20+ custom Gutenberg blocks by which you can compellingly present your content to hook web visitors.

Some most popular custom blocks of the Ultimate Blocks plugin are Testimonial, Call to Action, Content Toggle, Button, Tabbed Content, Review, Star Rating, and Icon.

Beaver Builder – WordPress Page Builder

The Beaver Builder is an amazing WordPress text editor trusted by over 500,000 websites around the globe. The Beaver Builder allows you to build a beautiful-looking and fully functional WordPress site in a matter of minutes. It requires no coding experience and you can simply drag and drop elements around.

This great WordPress editor plugin comes with an awesome collection of gorgeous page templates where you can customize the content in any way you see fit.

Text and image positioning has never been easier with this user-friendly interface and flexible themes. You can go ahead and use all of the WordPress widgets and shortcodes that you would like to use with just a few simple clicks. The Beaver Builder also works with posts, pages, and custom post types.

Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is a visual drag & drop page builder for any WordPress theme that makes building and editing websites easier than ever.

The learning curve with this amazing visual editor WordPress is almost nonexistent. The interface is very intuitive and unbelievably simple to understand. However, that doesn’t mean that this WP editor doesn’t offer a bunch of useful features. On the contrary, you will be amazed by all the possibilities and options that Divi Builder comes with.

You can easily drag rows and columns into your page and use standard options such as copy, paste, undo, and redo while having complete control over margins and padding.

One of the most important features of this cool WordPress edit plugin is the Divi library. It offers many pre-made layouts while allowing you to save layouts, sections, rows, and modules. These can then be used across your website.


The BeBuilder, as with the Divi Builder and Divi theme, is part of a theme package. This WordPress editor is built into the BeTheme multipurpose WordPress theme that helps you create stunning websites. With it and with the 600+ pre-built templates, it’s a breeze for any web designer to get a website up and running.

You don’t need to have any coding experience to build with their Live Builder. This means you can empower your clients to make future edits to the website efficiently and quickly.

You can use it for front-end editing or back-end editing, depending on how it works best for you to create or edit the landing that you are working on.

Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder is a WordPress plugin that gives you an easy way to create eye-catching layouts and landing pages. With over 20+ different content elements, an easy-to-use drag and drop feature, inbuilt lightbox support, and 100+ pre-built landing pages for all occasions, this amazing WordPress post editor offers everything you need for creating amazing and fully functional websites that will stand out from the competition.


Gutentor is an advanced yet easy drag & drop WordPress page builder for the Gutenberg editor. Create masterpiece, pixel-perfect websites using the modern WordPress way. It works with any theme like other page builders from this article.

SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin Page Builder is one of the popular WP editors that is not only full of amazing features, but it is also very easy to use for creating pages. What makes it even more special is the fact that this WordPress editor plugin is completely free of charge.

It integrates with your current WP theme and you can then edit your pages and posts from there. The editing happens on the back-end (through the standard editing screen in WordPress). There’s also some drag-and-drop functionality for realigning the blocks.

MotoPress Content Editor

MotoPress Content Editor is a WordPress visual editor plugin that hooks up to your WordPress theme and lets you edit your pages and posts in a number of cool and creative ways.

To make things even better, it is a drag & drop post editor which means it is really simple to use and it allows you to edit your pages and posts in a matter of minutes not months.

WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

WPBakery Page Builder is an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder that will help you to create any layout you can imagine fast and easily. While many will know it as Visual Composer, that brand name is used by their owners for a separate product.

You can access the Frontend editor (Inline editor) or the Backend editor at any time. WPBakery Page Builder comes bundled with 2 types of editors allowing you to choose your preferred view. Create your WordPress website with a backend schematic editor or move your page building process to the frontend and see your results live.

Visual Composer

Confused by the Visual Composer vs WPBakery issue? Yes, this product is what WP Bakery was named before. Yet, the new Visual Composer is a free, React-based website builder that allows you to create your own professional website.

Visual Composer empowers you to build a professional site tailored to your business needs using a full WordPress page builder, templates, blocks, elements, and extensions. No coding skills are required, as with many if not all the page builders mentioned in this article.


Brizy is a quite new WordPress editor plugin but that does not mean it is not worth taking a closer look at. After all, it was developed by the ThemeFuse developers who have been known for quite some time now for creating popular WordPress themes.

When it comes to Brizy, you can either get a free or a pro version of this handy little WP edit tool. However, if you decide to go pro, don’t get intimidated by the $231 price tag because this isn’t a subscription. It is a one-time purchase that gets you all the pro features and updated for life and you can use it on an unlimited number of sites!

Themify Builder

Themify Builder is a WordPress code editor with two editing modes – Frontend and Backend.

It will help you save a lot of time with its drag & drop, easy-to-use interface, as well as with the 40+ professional layouts that are pre-built into this handy little WordPress plugin editor.

To make things even better, every time you decide to edit a post or a page, you will get a live preview of what the page will look like after publishing.

MotoPress Content Editor

The MotoPress Content Editor is a drag-and-drop WordPress page builder that will help you create a better website with any theme.

You can design pages, posts, or custom post types visually on the frontend – with tons of content modules and styling options. It’s a quick and fun editing, no shortcode lock-in effect, user-friendly toolkit.

Live Composer

Live Composer is a WordPress text editor plugin that lets you edit pages on the front end. No coding experience is required and the plugin works on the drag & drop principle that is very simple to understand.

It comes with 30+ Content Modules that will help you create advanced layouts and wonderful designs quickly and easily.

Forget your TinyMCE editor. This is the next best thing.


BoldGrid is what some people consider the best WordPress visual editor. The great thing about this WordPress editor plugin is the fact that it is useful both to absolute beginners as well as to advanced developers.

It comes with an entire collection of handy plugins that will enhance your WordPress experience and make website building a fun and easy process.

Unlike other WordPress page builder plugins, the design workflow of BoldGrid is comprised of two major phases – the inspiration and customization phases.

The inspiration phase’s purpose is to let you explore different website designs and content styles that fit your industry. The customization phase lets you turn your creative ideas into reality.

Page Builder Sandwich

Page Builder Sandwich mainly works as a free plugin, but there is the option to upgrade to Page Builder Premium, which comes with a whole bunch of additional options and features for even the most demanding users.

The free version of this page builder, however, is more than enough for beginners and it is also quite easy to understand because it relies primarily on a frontend visual page builder.

As a result of that, you can edit your posts and pages with a few simple clicks and with zero coding experience. It all comes down to manipulating basic drag & drop content elements such as text boxes and images. Then, you can easily customize the sizes and the color and see all the changes you’ve made in real-time.

Content Blocks (Custom Post Widget)

Content Blocks is a very useful WordPress editor plugin that allows you to display the contents of a specific custom post in a widget in the content area using a shortcode. Some of the major benefits of this text editor WordPress include:

  • The Content Blocks plugin enables users to use the WordPress WYSIWYG editor for editing the content and adding images.
  • With the standard WordPress text widgets displaying content on various areas of your template, you can only edit the content with administrator access. However, this plugin provides access to the custom posts to the non-administrators as well.
  • You can use the featured image functionality to display them in a widget.
  • This best WordPress WYSIWYG editor is compatible with the WPML Multi-Language plugin and automatically shows the correct language in the widget area.
  • The Content Blocks can be included in posts and pages using the built-in shortcode functionality.


The Gutenberg editor replaced the default WordPress editor that we’ve been accustomed to over the years. While the default WordPress Editor (or the Classic Editor, if you want to call it that) is still preferred by some bloggers, for website building, Gutenberg is far better, having page builder features.

If you’ve been satisfied with the old Visual Editor toolbar, this new WordPress block editor will impress you even more.

While the Gutenberg editor received its share of hate when it appeared, people are starting to use it more and more for

The Gutenberg block editor introduces a modular approach to pages and posts: each piece of content in the editor, from a paragraph to an image gallery to a headline, is its own block.

And just like physical blocks, WordPress blocks can be added, arranged, and rearranged, allowing WordPress users to create media-rich pages in a visually intuitive way — and without workarounds like shortcodes or custom HTML.

FAQs about WordPress editor plugins

1. What are the best WordPress editor plugins available?

The most well-known WordPress editor plugins include Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, Elementor, Gutenberg, and WPBakery Page Builder. These plugins each provide special features and capabilities to assist you in creating and customizing the content of your website.

2. How can I install a WordPress editor plugin?

Go to your WordPress dashboard and choose “Plugins” from the menu on the left to install a WordPress editor plugin. Search for the plugin you wish to install by clicking the “Add New” button, and then click the “Install Now” button. Click “Activate” to make the plugin functional after installation.

3. Can I use multiple editor plugins on the same WordPress site?

Several editor plugins can be used on the same WordPress site, yes. It’s crucial to remember that having too many plugins can make your website sluggish and create compatibility problems. It’s recommended to utilize only the plugins you require and to check that they work well together.

4. Are there any free WordPress editor plugins available?

Absolutely, there are numerous plugins for the WordPress editor that are free. Popular free solutions include WPForms, Gutenberg, and TinyMCE Advanced. These plugins can nevertheless assist you in producing excellent content for your WordPress website even though they might not have all the capabilities of premium options.

5. How can I customize the appearance of my WordPress editor with a plugin?

Use plugins like Advanced Editor Tools (formerly TinyMCE Advanced) or Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg to modify the look of your WordPress editor. You may add unique styles and formatting choices to the editor using these plugins, giving you more control over how your material will appear.

6. Can I use a WordPress editor plugin to add custom fields to my posts or pages?

Sure, you can add custom fields to your posts or pages using a variety of WordPress editor plugins. You can add custom fields to your content and use them to make unique themes and layouts with plugins like Advanced Custom Fields, Pods, and Toolset.

7. How can I ensure that a WordPress editor plugin is compatible with my theme and other plugins?

It’s crucial to check a WordPress editor plugin’s compatibility before installing it to make sure it works with your theme and other plugins. Check reviews and documentation to determine if there have been any compatibility concerns reported by other users. Before putting the plugin on your live site, you can test it out on a staging site.

8. Can I create my own custom WordPress editor plugin?

Absolutely, you can use the WordPress API and other development tools to create your own unique WordPress editor plugin. Yet, this calls for expertise in WordPress development and advanced code skills. You can pay a developer to make a bespoke plugin for you if you’re not confident with coding.

9. What are some of the most popular WordPress editor plugins for e-commerce sites?

For e-commerce websites, several well-liked WordPress editor plugins are Elementor, WooCommerce Blocks, and Beaver Builder. These plugins give you the ability to design unique product pages and layouts, including product filters and search features, and improve the conversion rate of your website.

10. How can I troubleshoot common issues with WordPress editor plugins?

Checking for plugin updates and making sure that your site’s theme and other plugins are up to date are good places to start when troubleshooting frequent problems with WordPress editing plugins. If you’re still having problems, consider turning off additional plugins to see whether a clash arises. If all else fails, ask a WordPress developer or the plugin’s support staff for help.

Ending thoughts on these WordPress editor plugins

There have never been more WordPress editor plugin options on the market than there are today and while that can be great, it can also make it really hard for you to choose the best WordPress text editor plugin for you. However, having options is always a good thing and as soon as you do a little bit of research, you will realize that all of these WordPress plugins were created differently and they all have a specific purpose.

If you still aren’t sure how to choose your WordPress editor, check out the list of the useful WordPress builder plugins that we have selected for you and see which one best fits your needs. Take advantage of the free trial periods and make your WordPress editing process easier than ever.

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