Get the Best WordPress News Plugin from This Curated List

Downloading a WordPress news plugin can make starting up a news website easier than ever before.

WordPress news plugins are the best option, because they provide a sleek layout, and display news right on the homepage.

With WordPress news plugin you can create a news ticker, feature top stories, and be listed on Google News. Add a reel to feature specific site content, or add products for an e-commerce store.

WordPress News Plugins

There are plenty of plugins to choose from, and this article will discuss the best premium, free, and freemium plugins available. Premium plugins remain affordable and have several advantages, such as being able to show news posts and include a page builder.

Keep reading in this article created by our team at wpDataTables to discover the best WordPress news plugins.

Epic News Elements

Epic News Elements is a fantastic WordPress article plugin to turn your site into a stylish website.

It comes with over 70 easy-to-use elements. These include post carousels, post grids, and sliders. Integrate it with the WPBakery and Elementor page building plugins to enable these features.

If you already use Elementor on your site, downloading Epic News Elements gives you 70 more elements to use. This is a premium plugin with a shortcode generator, eliminating the need for a page builder.

WP News and Scrolling Widgets Plugin

WP News and Scrolling Widgets is a great WordPress news widget. This plugin, will enable you to create custom posts and add a news section. It includes a custom shortcode and can be used with the Gutenberg shortcode block to easily customize the news section.

WP Latest Posts

A marvelous news plugin for WordPress is WP Latest Posts that enables you to filter pages and posts to show as news on the site. It offers 6 beautiful themes that will suit your site.

It has automatic animation features, and can transfer content from a site to a slider. WP Latest Posts can show or hide elements as you please. The option to optimize images will reduce the time it takes to load the page. Use it with Gutenberg editor and create your own custom block for news.

Financial News Headlines

Financial News Headlines provides a news plugin with clean code and is quick to install. It is a WordPress articles plugin that’s extremely simple to set up. It takes the latest headlines from different companies and puts them on your own website. It is an incredibly popular WordPress plugin because it is so well supported by sources like Seeking Alpha, Yahoo Finance, and Financial Content.

It comes with 6 templates to design your site perfectly. It can be used with unlimited news widgets. If you have enough time and financial resources, you can go ahead and create a news website that would cover everything: from politics to sports.

News Announcement Scroll

One of the best free WordPress news plugins is News Announcement Scroll. It displays vital announcements and events to your audience. It comes complete with a news scroller that will update your readers on what’s happening on your site. News Announcement Scroll offers the option to add a link to the news. Also, it can share sale announcements, blog updates, and offer updates.

Vertical News Scroller

A great vertical news layout can be difficult to find. Yet Vertical News Scroller offers an exceptional vertical layout for any website. This news plugin is fully customizable by having the option to add new posts or edit and delete old ones. Show the title either with or without a caption.

If you need even more functionality, you can opt for the premium version. The free version, however, offers plenty of features.

Simple News

Simple News WordPress plugin is an extremely easy solution for news articles in a list format. It is lightweight and helps to create news post types. Publish and edit news articles just like any other post using the dashboard.

It includes a settings menu where you can edit image sizes, and change the CSS for how the news items appear. It has custom shortcodes, along with widgets that show the news on posts, pages, and a footer.

Ditty News Ticker

Ditty News Ticker is a multi-functional plugin that can create unique news tickers via widgets or shortcodes.

It comes preloaded with 3 modes of tickers: list mode, rotate mode, and scroll mode. It has a premium extension that can be added to receive news from RSS Feed, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

WP News – WordPress News / Magazine Plugin

WP News is a useful WordPress news page, which creates a completely professional looking site using WordPress. WP News contains a news hero slider, custom styles, and widgets. You can also download an add-on for Elementor.

It’s compatible with the newest version of WordPress. Download it from WordPress’s official site or find it on your WordPress Dashboard.

Worldwide Breaking News Headlines

Worldwide Breaking News Headlines takes news headlines from around the world to display them on your page. It takes them from the most famous broadcast sites. Some of the sources it uses are CNN, The Economist, Fox News, and NBC News.

There is a free version available that loads quickly and is very responsive. Regulating how many news items showed in each section is made easy with Worldwide Breaking News Headlines. This plugin is simple to activate, install and set a custom title for the widget, and integrates perfectly with WordPress.

The premium version offers countless more features. The free version limits you to accessing headlines 15 minutes after the release, as well as limiting you to only 1000 open requests daily for this API key.

WP Easy News Scroller

WP Easy News Scroller is a wonderful WordPress news plugin. Use it for news on a WordPress site or to add posts with impressive slider effects. The setup and installation process is very quick to add to a WordPress website. It’s great for using in the footer or sidebar of your site.

This plugin provides a visual editor to help make your site look exactly how you want it. Then add in the latest headlines, with a description and image. It is flexible and can easily pair with other WordPress plugins.

Live News

Live News helps you create an impeccable news ticker; a great addition to any website. It is a premium plugin that is completely customizable. Use the customization features to fit this plugin to your site flawlessly.

Add brand colors, change the font size or type, and choose where you want the ticker to be placed. Articles are set to automatically scroll over the header and/or footer of your WordPress site, you can also choose the scroll speed.

News & Blog Designer Pack for WordPress

News & Blog Designer Pack is an all-inclusive plugin, that will help you craft a completely responsive blog or news post.

It supports the visual composer page builder, allowing you to make custom pages for your site. Configure each section of this plugin to suit your own style. News & Blog Designer Pack for WordPress offers a free version and a pro version. The pro version includes more features.

XML Sitemap and Google News

XML Sitemap and Google News are an advanced plugin to display the news. These feeds function dynamically with Google News sitemap and XML sitemap.

It works beautifully with many other WordPress plugins and can create fully custom feeds to suit your website. It is compatible with caching plugins for WordPress, which in turn aids in a fast site.


Newsomatic is a plugin that enables to design animated news feeds in just minutes. It is an add-on where the News API provides the content. It’s perfect for blogging and automatic content publications. It will generate posts, but those can be customized.

Choose one of these WordPress news plugins and you’ll have a fantastic news site.

FAQs about WordPress news plugins

1. What are the best WordPress news plugins for displaying news articles on my website?

You can show news stories on your website using one of the many news plugins for WordPress. WP RSS Aggregator, Feedzy RSS Feeds, and News Plugin for WordPress are a few of the most well-liked choices.

These plugins include a range of features that make it simple to show news items on your website, including widgets, shortcodes, and custom post kinds.

2. How can I add a news ticker to my WordPress website using a news plugin?

You must locate a plugin that gives this capability if you want to install a news ticker on your WordPress website. Ditty News Ticker, NewsTicker, WP News, and Scrolling Widgets are a few of the most well-liked options.

You can modify the look and functionality of your news ticker to match the layout of your website after installing and activating the plugin.

3. Can I customize the appearance of my news section using a WordPress news plugin?

Absolutely, the majority of WordPress news plugins provide customization features that let you change how your news section looks.

You might be able to select from a variety of layouts, fonts, colors, and other options depending on the plugin. You may be able to further tweak the look of your news section by using the custom CSS options provided by some plugins.

4. Are there any free WordPress news plugins available to use on my website?

Indeed, you may use a number of free WordPress news plugins to display news items on your website. WP RSS Aggregator, Feedzy RSS Feeds, and WP News and Scrolling Widgets are a few well-liked alternatives.

Even though these plugins might not have as many features as their more expensive counterparts, they might still be a fantastic choice for individuals on a tight budget.

5. How do I configure my WordPress news plugin to display news from specific sources?

You must go to the plugin’s settings or configuration page in order to set your WordPress news plugin to only show news from particular sources.

You might be able to select from a list of pre-configured sources or enter the URL of a specific RSS feed, depending on the plugin. The news content may also be filtered according to keywords, categories, or other standards.

6. Can I display news from multiple sources using a single WordPress news plugin?

Sure, a lot of WordPress news plugins let you use a single plugin to display news from several sources. Some plugins may even let you combine articles from several sources according to predetermined criteria to generate personalized news feeds.

7. Are there any WordPress news plugins that offer SEO optimization features for news content?’

Sure, several WordPress news plugins have functionality for news content-specific SEO. For instance, the Yoast SEO News plugin provides a number of features including the ability to add metadata and Google News keywords that are intended to help your news material rank higher in search engines.

8. How can I ensure that the news articles displayed on my WordPress website using a news plugin are up-to-date and accurate?

You must select trustworthy sources of news content if you want to guarantee that the news articles shown on your WordPress website utilizing a news plugin are current and accurate.

With many news plugins, you may select an RSS feed by entering its URL or from a list of pre-configured sources. To make sure that it adheres to your criteria for timeliness and accuracy, you might also want to think about manually selecting your news content.

9. Is it possible to monetize my news section using a WordPress news plugin?

With a WordPress news plugin, you can monetize your news section. While some plugins allow you to display ads next to your news material, others could integrate with affiliate marketing or ad network services.

10. How do I ensure that my WordPress news plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

You should routinely check for changes to both your WordPress installation and your news plugin to ensure that it is compatible with the most recent version of WordPress.

Several plugins will alert you to updates automatically, which you can then install with just one click. Continually checking the plugin’s documentation or support forum for any known compatibility concerns or clashes with other plugins or themes is also a smart idea.


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