wpDataTables FREE version!

Dowload a FREE version of wpDataTables right now on WordPress plugin repository: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wpdatatables/

This is a free basic version of wpDataTables Tables and Charts WordPress plugin. Some of the features available in the full version are cut, but wpDataTables is still quite a handy tool which will allow you to quickly create interactive tables from a number of sources: Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, Serialized PHP Array.

The interface and the instructions how to use it are absolutely same as for the full version of the plugin. Please see the documentation on how to create tables in WordPress from different data sources here.

We strongly recomment using wpDataTables Lite instead of downloading wpDataTables nulled and distribyte by any 3rd party resources. Nulled, cracked, 0day versions of wpDataTables were proven to contain malicious injections of code, backdoors which would compromise your site. So don’t put yourself at risk and download a completely legal and clean free version of wpDataTables

Current downloads number is 600 and counting! 🙂

Updates to wpDataTables!

We have two good news on wpDataTables!

First one is that we finally published a PDF version of documentation (will be included with the plugin from now on). It has more then 160 pages, and it explains all the plugins features with illustrations and in complete details. You can download it here.

Second one is an update (current version is 1.5.2), which introduces these features and fixes that many of you asked for:

Custom WordPress Plugins from Creators of wpDataTables

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Custom WordPress Plugins
Hi guys,
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Wish you all the best 🙂

Best WordPress Plugins for Pricing Tables – Free and Premium

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How to create a product catalog in WordPress in a table

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