WordPress Documentation Plugin: The Best Free and Premium Options

WordPress Documentation Plugin: The Best Free and Premium Options

Documentation, such as manuals and guides, provide users with instructions in order to make better use of a product or service. A product’s documentation has many forms, such as videos, lists, and other media.

Documentation plays an important role in the relationship between marketer and consumer since good documentation shows the marketer’s care for the consumer’s experience.

Documentation also eliminates the need for consumers to contact customer support. Statistics show most people prefer using a user manual to calling customer support for help.

How can you easily create documentation for your product? A WordPress documentation plugin helps with customer support services. Plugins help create documentation that will attract more customers and reduce support requests.

Here are 15 free and premium WordPress documentation plugins:

Free WordPress Documentation Plugins

Memphis Documents Library

Memphis Documents Library is a WordPress documentation plugin that is useful for organizing and distributing files. It includes many features that create documentation.

Some features include:

  • Batch upload of files
  • Preview and thumbnails available
  • Ability to show files on other websites
  • View and revise older versions
  • Referential file methodology so that a file can be updated but the link stays the same
  • Social media buttons
  • File search


weDocs is a WordPress documentation plugin from weDevs. weDevs has created other popular plugins like Dokan Multivendor and WP User Frontend Pro. This plugin is a simple tool for creating and organizing documentation. The design is practical and simple. Users can add custom CSS to tailor and enhance their appearance.

Features of this plugin include:

  • Organize the documentation with categories and tags
  • Change the order of documents by dragging-and-dropping
  • Add a search option and a table of contents with widgets
  • Receive documents from external sites
  • Simple front-end appearance

Embed Any Document

Embed Any Document allows users to embed documentation without using a third-party browser plugin. It uses Google Docs Viewer or Microsoft Office Online to display documents. Simply clicking  Add Document, uploads documents into the media library.

Some more features are:

  • Responsive on mobile devices
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Clean UI

Echo Knowledge Base

This plugin by Echo Plugins is a knowledge base for documentation and FAQ’s. It is useful for creating professional and customizable documentation. It is flexible, simple, multifaceted,  and produces professional results. Add-ons are available to extend the free version’s features.

Several of its powerful features include:

  • Organize articles by category, alphabetically, chronologically, or in any other order
  • Wizard with twenty-six preset themes with different layouts, colors, and fonts
  • Five hundred icons
  • Instant search feature
  • Table of contents
  • Add tags and breadcrumbs, back buttons, and more
  • Users choose the URL
  • Coded for SEO
  • Responsive design
  • Sixteen color schemes

Simple Documentation

Simple Documentation is a plugin that provides a simple way to create documentation that allows users to share four different types of content. They are links, videos, notes, or files.

Features include:

  • Add, edit and delete content
  • Choose the number of items displayed on a page
  • Customize the widget title and welcome text

WP Help

WP Help is a plugin powered by custom post types that helps users create, edit and arrange documentation with WordPress. It is especially practical for many clients using multiple sites since document changes are automatically updated.

More features include:

  • Customization
  • Organization
  • Updates

Smarty Pants Plugins

SmartyPants Project and Document Manager is another free plugin with many useful and powerful features. This plugin allows users to create, manage, and organize several types of documentation. These include documents, records, files, videos, images, and more.

Its list of features include:

  • Manage and upload an unlimited number of files
  • Unlimited folders and subfolders for organization
  • Security features requiring a login to download files
  • Advanced email editor to customize emails
  • Manage files remotely

Freemium WordPress Documentation Plugins


BetterDocs is a plugin with a clean, comprehensive interface made by the creators of Essential Addons for Elementor and WP Scheduled Posts. Users can start by using the free version, and the premium version offers more features.

The top features of the free version are:

  • Premade templates
  • Shortcodes and widgets to customize documentation pages
  • Live search so visitors can find the exact documents they need
  • Automatic table of contents for easy navigation
  • Drag-and-drop organization

Some premium features include:

  • An answer bot helps visitors search documentation through a live chat widget
  • Analytics track and evaluate page views
  • Create multiple knowledge bases


Documentor is also a popular plugin that helps create WordPress documents and manuals. It has a free and premium version. It is an excellent plugin for beginners because of its intuitive design. This plugin was made to save developers’ time. It allows users to create professional documentation in a short amount of time with full customization.

Additional features of the free version include:

  • Add sections as posts or pages
  • Customize color and font
  • Embed documentation files to a website by default
  • Reorder or delete sections
  • Custom links

The premium version includes:

  • Multiple skins
  • Live preview for editing
  • Unlimited documentations

Premium WordPress Documentation Plugins:


This premium WordPress documentation plugin builds and maintains manuals and guides. It is used to create product and service manuals as well as for frequently asked questions (FAQs) and internal company documentation.

Features of this plugin are:

  • Multiple documentation pages
  • Voting feature
  • Responsive design for all mobile devices
  • Custom CSS field
  • Automatic sidebar navigation updates based on scrolling

Help Scout

HelpScout Docs Portal is a plugin that uses the latest HelpScout API and connects to a user’s knowledge base. This plugin displays knowledge base articles on WordPress posts and pages with shortcodes. This plugin is useful for a help center, an FAQ page, and a knowledge base hub.

Features of this plugin include the following:

  • Organized to show the whole content of collections and categories
  • User can create multiple knowledge bases
  • Documentation embedded into product pages
  • Search feature

X Docs WordPress Product Documentation Creator

This WordPress documentation plugin allows users to create online and offline documents with ease, without having to download extra themes.

The features of this plugin are:

  • Create multiple documents
  • Convert to PDF
  • Export HTML and CSS
  • Multiple themes available

Knowledge Base by PressApp

This is an advanced plugin for creating documentation to decrease customer service requests and lower customer support costs. It is useful for creating knowledge bases, FAQ documents, internal company documents, and more.

The top features include:

  • Drag-and-drop organizer
  • Gutenberg blocks ready
  • Custom slugs
  • Live search
  • Responsive design


Helpie is a WordPress documentation plugin that helps teams create product documentation, knowledge base, and Wiki websites. It provides tools to streamline collaboration, organization, and updating of documents for the team.

Some features included are:

  • Analytics, insights, and actionable feedback
  • Frontend editing
  • Live search with instant results
  • Interactive table of contents on every article page
  • Control of who can view, edit, and publish content
  • Branding and styling options
  • Widgets and shortcodes for customization
  • Translation ready

WP Clever FAQ Builder

This plugin allows users to create FAQ pages. It provides multiple ways to present the content, including classical formats or complex formats. The purpose of this tool is to provide customers with specific answers to their questions.

More features  include:

  • Unlimited number of FAQ’s
  • Customizable
  • Customers can ask new questions if they can’t find the answer
  • Drag-and-drop organize feature
  • Responsive to mobile devices
  • Intuitive backend
  • Shortcode and visual composer integration

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin is well-known and used by popular websites and businesses, like USC, Pagely, and crazyegg. This plugin allows users to create a knowledge base that provides instant answers to consumers’ questions. It is a flexible, well-coded, developer-friendly plugin with a high rating from users.

Some of the other powerful features are:

  • Article feedback allowing consumers to rate articles helpful or not
  • Analytics to help improve the content
  • Drag-and-drop feature to organize and reorder content
  • Attach downloadable files to articles
  • Widgets for customization
  • Mobile friendly
  • Categories and tags
  • Custom slugs
  • Regular updates

Ending thoughts on WordPress documentation plugin

Documentation is effective for providing better customer service and morale. Good documentation answers consumer’s questions and properly explains the use of a product or service. Documentation saves money and time spent attending to many customer service calls. Since customer service is valued, documentation attracts more consumers.

Using a WordPress documentation plugin is the best way to create and organize documentation. The above plugins are the top free and premium documentation plugins available. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from these documentation plugins and their powerful features. All of the plugins above successfully produce professional documentation that will satisfy customers.

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