Top Notch WordPress Event Registration Plugin Examples

Finding the perfect calendar and event plugin for WordPress can pose a challenge. While calendars may only show when events are happening, WordPress event registration plugins can do a great deal more, they offer features such as guest management, booking forms, ticketing, and RSVPs.

Adding WordPress plugins to a site, greatly improves its functionality. Guests can then register for events on the site, pay to attend, as well as other essential features. These registration plugins allow you to set custom prices, ticket models, and promote events, all from your dashboard.

In this article created by our team at wpDataTables, we will analyze both free and premium plugins, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

The best WordPress events plugins are detailed below.

WordPress Event Registration Plugin Options


From version 2.0 Events are a part of the Amelia WordPress Booking plugin.

Events can be used for various occasions, from basic one or multiple days traveling tours, scheduling conferences to set up group training, or classes that repeat for some period of time.

For whatever you need, you can create one or multi-day events, that can repeat and even have assigned employee that works on your everyday services.

If you’re not familiar with the plugin, you should as it does so much more than this. Amelia is a lightweight and straightforward, yet a comprehensive appointment and event booking system. It is built to turn any WordPress site in a fully-featured tool to manage appointments, events, and payments.

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager is a WordPress events registration plugin that allows you to place events on your site. It not only registers events, but also offers an organized system to list those events and can also be used to sell tickets. WP Event Manager allows you to manage multiple events from one simple dashboard.

The free version has limited functionality. However, you can pay per add-on to get any specific features you need. WP Event Manager integrates with Eventbrite and iCal, sending automatic emails, therefore your attendees receive updates.

All-in-One Event Calendar

This WordPress events plugin is focused on providing a great event calendar, enabling people to keep abreast of upcoming events.

Some features include Google Maps, and creating recurring events, thus saving time by eliminating the need to manually enter all the information each time. can be used for ticketing an event and, payments can be received via PayPal. If you already have another service or WordPress plugin simply make a link to that URL.

Event Espresso 4 Decaf

Event Espresso has been popular for a long time and the creators have recently come out with Event Espresso 4 Decaf. This WordPress event plugin is free and contains basic features including registration, ticketing, and receiving payments via PayPal.

Event Espresso can send an automated email to those who are registered once they’re linked to the attendee list.

WP Events Calendar Plugin

The WP Events Calendar Plugin is a stylish premium plugin, perfect for beginners.

The WP Events Calendar Plugin allows you to create events to run across several days, or just one. This plugin permits an unlimited number of events along with, posting videos, photos, and helping capture visitors’ interest in upcoming events.


FooEvents is an excellent plugin to publish events on a WordPress site, its features range from ticket sales to registration.

FooEvents creates free events where people can register by entering an email address. It contains a database that saves contact information for all attendees, which in turn will provide an email list for future marketing communications.

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is a plugin that is rated 4.5/5 and has been installed more than 800,000 times. It is a professional event manager which is supported by their development team. This plugin can be used on any type of calendar and there is no need for HTML experience to use it. The Events Calendar will help simplify the event management process for your website.

It offers a great tool that facilitates transferring your events from different calendars to the calendar used on your site. It can import from iCalendar, Meetup, Excel, and Google Calendar, amongst others. This tool is extremely useful to eliminate double entry of data.

Events Manager

Events Manager has a pro version as well as a free version. It lets you create events across multiple days as well as recurring events. It provides you with a flawless booking management system that enables you to reject or approve registrations.

Creating a new event is made the same way as adding a page or post in WordPress, thus making it considerably easier to use for those familiar with WordPress. It does this by storing events as custom posts in WordPress. You can give each event a unique name as well as the option to add videos.

You can add categories, descriptions and tags to keep your events organized. This plugin also has the option to add a location and time for each event.

Additional features allow multiple ticket levels for events; for example when selling premium tickets at a higher price. You can also select a cut-off time for ticket purchasing, and choose how many tickets you want available.


Eventer is a wonderful WordPress event registration plugin, brimming with useful features such as the easy to read calendar layout, thus making it clear to any visitors when upcoming events are scheduled. It is commonly used for sports matches, concerts, and performances.

Eventer is the easiest plugin to  charge for tickets. It can take payments either with Stripe or PayPal. When a visitor registers, they get access to their own dashboard, which displays any payments made, events attended, and already purchased tickets.

Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor simplifies the complexity of ticket sales, by successfully doing everything from taking payments to registration. Ticket Tailor plugin enables you to easily install many different ticket prices and take PayPal payments. Ticket Tailor’s unique barcode scanning system allows you to scan printed or virtual tickets at the door to your event.

You can embed registration forms on your site so that customers don’t need to go to another site to buy their tickets. Ticket Tailor is the ideal option if your main objective is to sell tickets directly from your site.


EventsPlus is a marvelous multi-functional plugin. It offers a fantastic user experience, whether you are working in the back end or a site visitor buying tickets.

It is used all over the world by those who want to manage events and publish them on their WordPress site.

This event manager WordPress plugin creates interactive calendars. You can use these to share event details allowing people to see what events are scheduled. It also can be used for a WordPress class registration plugin which enables students to register for classes, workshops, seminars, and conferences.

Calendar by WD

Calendar by WD is a free event signup plugin with multiple features. It is responsive on all mobiles as well as tablets, scaling to the resolution of your device.

This WordPress event registration plugin has endless customizable settings, including managing events, taking registrations, and creating signup forms. It can be used for conferences, concerts, and meetings. This plugin can easily add recurring events and set up countless calendars.

Now that you have the event plugin that you needed, what’s left for you to do is to use a few smart event promotion ideas to get some buzz around your website and the event it features.

FAQ on WordPress Event Registration Plugins

Can you recommend a solid Event Registration Plugin for WordPress?

Well, you’ve got a bunch of options to pick from. Amelia is a big hit; it’s flexible and user-friendly.

How does Online Event Booking work with these plugins?

Alright, so here’s the lowdown. You install the plugin, set up your event, and boom – you’re ready to roll. People can register, pick their seats, and even pay online if that’s how you’ve set it up.

It’s all about making the whole process smooth and hassle-free, both for you and for the attendees. Some plugins even sync with your calendar, keeping everything organized.

Can I customize the Event Registration Form?

Oh, absolutely! Most WordPress Event Registration plugins give you the freedom to tweak the registration forms as much as you want.

You can add or remove fields, change the layout, and make sure it’s all on brand. It’s all about creating a seamless experience for your attendees, and making sure you get all the info you need.

Are there Free Event Registration Plugins available?

You bet! There are quite a few freebies out there that do a pretty decent job. Of course, they might not have all the bells and whistles of the premium ones, but they get the job done. Just dig around in the WordPress plugin repository, and you’re bound to find something that fits your budget and does what you need.

How do I manage Attendee Registration and Check-ins?

Alright, so this is key. Look for a plugin that makes managing your attendees a breeze. You want something that lets you keep track of who’s registered, send them confirmations, and maybe even check them in at the event. Some plugins even have a mobile app for on-the-go management. It’s all about keeping everything smooth and streamlined.

Can I use these plugins for Event Ticketing?

Oh, for sure! A lot of Event Registration plugins double up as ticketing solutions. You can set different ticket types, prices, and even offer discounts if you’re feeling generous. And the best part? Everything’s integrated, so managing registrations and ticket sales becomes a piece of cake.

How do I set up an Event Calendar with these plugins?

Setting up an Event Calendar is usually pretty straightforward. Most event plugins come with a built-in calendar feature. You just add your events, set the dates, and the plugin takes care of the rest. It’s a great way to give your attendees a clear view of what’s coming up, and it helps in keeping things organized on your end too.

What about Event Management and Reporting?

So, this is where the rubber meets the road. You want a plugin that gives you a bird’s eye view of everything – registrations, ticket sales, attendee check-ins, you name it. Reporting tools are a big plus; they help you understand what’s working and what’s not, so you can tweak things for the next event. In short, you want a plugin that’s got your back.

Can these plugins handle Multiple Events at once?

You bet they can! Most of the top-notch WordPress Event Registration plugins are built to handle multiple events without breaking a sweat. Whether you’re running workshops, conferences, or meetups, you can manage them all from one dashboard. It’s all about efficiency and making your life easier.

How do I ensure the Security of the Event Registration Process?

Security’s a big deal, especially when you’re dealing with personal info and payments. Make sure you pick a plugin that’s regularly updated and has solid security measures in place. SSL encryption is a must if you’re handling payments. And always keep an eye out for reviews and feedback from other users. You want a plugin that’s got a good rep for keeping things safe and sound.


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