Misleading Statistics Can Be Dangerous (Some Examples)

People rely on statistics to gain important information. In the business world, statistics can be useful for tracking trends, and maximizing productivity. But sometimes statistics can be presented in a misleading way. For example, in 2007 the Advertising Standards Authority (ADA) in the UK received a complaint about a Colgate ad.

How to Visualize Google Sheets Data to Impress People

Google Sheets is a great tool for data visualization. Users love it because of its clean interface and integration options. Besides, it provides a way of collaboration between different parties.

This tool is easy to use in itself, but there are certain ways in which you can improve its usability.

Data Visualization Skills You Need to be a Successful Data Analyst

Data analysts understand the value of practical data visualization skills when interpreting complex data, particularly for a wider audience. If your content is coherent and clearly communicated, your audience will easily grasp it.

Companies who depend on their talent seek after such analysts, not only to review data sets but also, to put together data visualizations that assist in various decision-making processes. These specialists need to look at enhancing two crucial skill sets: first, the capacity to work with data sets, and then, to identify suitable methods that plainly outline the results collected when considering the data.

The Best Data Visualization JavaScript Libraries You Can Use

Data visualization is the means for making graphic representations of data and information. This includes bar graphs, charts, heat maps, and pie charts.

Data viz is a common abbreviation for data visualization. It is an important tool in extracting the story behind the numbers. Many people prefer a visual representation as it helps them to understand the information better and faster. So, data visualization makes data look more attractive and easier to consume.