Great jQuery plugins for your WordPress site

Great jQuery plugins for your WordPress site

The internet has highlighted the importance of WordPress jQuery plugins for both bloggers and developers who are looking to save time and resources for their online projects. There is a jQuery WordPress plugin to suit the needs, requirements, and expectations of any project.

Given the increasing popularity of WordPress as a CMS platform, it is no surprise that WordPress jQuery plugins are among the most popular jQuery plugins. People are looking to learn how to add jQuery to WordPress and methods of using jQuery in WordPress.

There is a jQuery plugin to suit every need, whether you are looking to embed social media, validate and moderate comments, slide-toggle elements, or incorporate contact forms. When you add jQuery to WordPress in the form of plugins, you take your blog to a whole new level.

You offer a breathtaking presentation of your media content without sacrificing blog functionality. What more could you ask for? This article presents you with many WordPress jQuery plugins to help you obtain the best outcomes from your online project!

Random Post Slider

A reliable jQuery UI plugin for WordPress, Random Post Slider lets you slide posts continually using the jQuery cycle to scroll. You can scroll right, left, up, and down.


Sortable is a jQuery WordPress plugin that allows you to reorder elements in a list or grid using the mouse. A minimalist JavaScript library, Sortable was designed to work with contact gadgets and ultra-modern browsers.


CMB2 is a developer’s toolkit for building meta boxes, custom fields, and forms for WordPress that will blow your mind. Easily manage meta for posts, terms, users, comments, or create custom option pages.


Collapse-O-Matic adds a [expand title="trigger text"]hidden content[/expand] shortcode that will wrap any content, including other shortcodes, into a lovely jQuery expanding and collapsing div. A complete listing of shortcode options and attribute demos are available, as well as free community support.

jQuery Pin It Button for Images

If you’re looking for an easy way to pin images in your blog posts and pages, this plugin will help you with that. It highlights images and adds a “Pin it” button over them once the user hovers his mouse over an image. Once the user clicks the “Pin it” button, the plugin shows a pop-up window with the image and a description. Everything is ready for pinning, although the user can alter the description.

jQuery Smooth Scroll

This plugin makes your anchor text to smooth scroll adds a smooth scroll to top feature/link in the lower-right corner of long pages. Appears after a set scrolling point and hides after scrolling near the top. This plugin is based on cudazi’s plugin “Scroll to Top”, and you may use this plugin if you need “Scroll to top” feature.

Jquery Validation For Contact Form 7

This plugin adds jquery validation to your contact form 7. You will be able to validate extra validation rules like: url, date, credit card, phone number in the contact form 7 fields.

jQuery UI Widgets

You can easily tweak further settings such as the jQuery UI theme used to render the jQuery widgets, choose which scripts are added to your site, and overriding default CSS.

All standard pre-defined jQuery themes are supported, or you can upload your own custom theme built with the jQuery ThemeRoller. See the FAQ page for detailed instructions on uploading your own custom theme.

Easy FancyBox

Easy FancyBox plugin for WordPress websites gives you a flexible and aesthetic light box solution for just about all media links on your website. Easy FancyBox uses an updated version of the traditional FancyBox jQuery extension and is WP 3+ Multi-Site compatible. After activation, you can find a new section FancyBox on your Settings > Media admin page where you can manage the media light box options.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget

Enable “Fixed widget” option in the widget settings and it will be always in sight when page is scrolled down or up. There is no problem to “fix” or “stick” more than one widget even located in different sidebars!

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery allows users to create galleries and view larger versions of images, galleries and videos in a lightbox (overlay) effect optimized for mobile devices.

Slide Anything – Responsive Content / HTML Slider and Carousel

Slide Anything allows you to create a carousel/slider where the content for each slide can be anything you want – images, text, HTML, and even shortcodes. This plugin uses the Owl Carousel 2 jQuery plugin, and lets you create beautiful, touch-enabled, responsive carousels and sliders.

jQuery Masonry Image Gallery

Adds a Masonry layout to all galleries that are using the WordPress gallery shortcode. Looks best on galleries that are not using 1:1 ratio thumbnails.

Slider by WD – Responsive Slider

Slider WD is a versatile solution to help you add fast loading, responsive and SEO-friendly sliders to your website pages, posts, theme header or any other location. The plugin supports both images and videos on the slides, which further could be spiced up with various transition effects.

Photo Gallery by Supsystic

Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin by Supsystic is the best way to create responsive media galleries and albums on your website.

Ultimate FAQ

FAQ plugin that lets you create, organize and publicize your FAQs (frequently asked questions) in no time through your WordPress admin panel. Select from multiple FAQ layouts and styles.

Crelly Slider

Crelly Slider is a Free / Open Source responsive WordPress slider that supports layers. You can add Texts, Images, YouTube/Vimeo videos using a powerful Drag & Drop Builder and animate each of them. It is perfect to display your creative content in posts and pages.


Accordion content create wasn’t easy before, you will really love how it works and display accordion content on your page or anywhere via shortcode.

Ending thoughts on great jQuery plugins for a WordPress website

The world of WordPress jQuery plugins is fantastic, powerful, and incredibly useful. jQuery powers a wealth of plugins that can enrich any website with interactive and cool features.

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