Great Looking Chart.js Examples You Can Use

Great Looking Chart.js Examples You Can Use

Wanna see some cool Chart.js examples? Boy, we have a few of those. But first, let’s start with the basics.

Graphs and charts provide a quick, simple visual display of statistics, making the information easy to translate and compare. A well-presented graph or chart can make your website more appealing.

Placing a good chart on your website can be achieved by using Chart.js. This is a library of data visualization scripts.

Producing graphs and data visualization may be a first for you. You may have also attempted it and discovered how challenging it is to do correctly.

Here is a list of Chart.js examples to paste into your projects.

Within Chart.js, there are a variety of functional visual displays including bar charts, pie charts, line charts, and more.

The charts offer fine-tuning and customization options that enable you to translate data sets into visually impressive charts.

More about Chart.js

Chart.js is similar to Google Charts or Chartist, by providing an extensive script library for JavaScript data visualization.

It is available on GitHub, so it is an open-source, community-maintained library.

Scripts in the Chart.js library are available for JavaScript use. Once copied, the scripts can then be nested within the < canvas > HTML element.

There are also options for using the charts in frontend frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular.

All charts in the library are responsive, meaning they can be displayed in different-sized windows. They scale perfectly on small mobile screens and larger device displays alike.

Along with responsiveness, the charts offer good rendering performance across all modern browsers. This means no matter how a viewer displays your charts, they will be quickly available and clearly visible.

Available Chart.js examples include:

  • Bar Charts – Options include Vertical, Horizontal, Multi-Axis, Stacked, and Stacked-Groups.
  • Line Charts – Options include Basic, Multi-Axis, Stepped, and Interpolation. Also comes with options for different line styles, point styles, and point sizes for complete customization.
  • Radar Charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Doughnut Charts
  • Bubble Charts
  • Scatter Charts
  • Polar Area Charts

Charts of multiple types can be combined to produce an overlay of the information in different formats.

Various modifications to the chart style can also be found in the library including scale, legend, and tooltip options. This allows you to customize data visualization to suit the needs of the project and your personal preferences.

Best Chart.js Examples

PoC Live updating Chart.js

Custom Chart.js Gradient

This Chart.js example shows how to use and implement a custom gradient with Chart.js. It also uses a padding trick to avoid collapsing of the graph’s height during the page load.

Chart.js-plugin-annotation sandbox

This example is great for drawing a box using the Chart.js annotation library.

Chart.js – Blend mode – multiply

This is the canvas blend mode multiply applied on Chart.js chart with gradient.

SVG Doughnut chart with animation and tooltip

This is a lightweight jQuery plugin specialized in drawing doughnut charts.

Chart.js sample

This is a Chart.js sample displaying beautiful graphics while also being simple and easy to use.

Remove Tooltip and Legend Chart.js


This allows removing the tooltip and legend in Chart.js with global options.

Medium – A Beautiful, Responsive Dashboard

Chart.js – Temperature line chart

This Chart.js line chart contains transparent points and custom labels.

Chart.js Polar Chart

Sales Report – Dark Version

The plugins used can be found in progressbar.js/chart.js

Chart.js – Dynamically Update Chart Via Ajax Requests

Chart.js – Radar chart, shadows, custom hover

This Chart.js radar includes shadows and a custom hover effect.

Chart.js 1.x Example

Line Chart

This is all you need to create a minimum line chart in Chart.js. Simply insert it into  a <script></script> somewhere in your <body> after you declare the HTML5 <canvas>.

All Chart.js examples follow the above format, for the most part, requiring you to only learn it once.

SVG Pie chart with tooltip and hover effects

Chart.js – Polar Area Chart + custom legends + random colors

Stacked Horizontal Charts with Chart.js

This shows how to make horizontally stacked charts.

Chart.js Grouped Bar Chart

Chart.js Doughnut Custom Tooltip

Vue Dashboard Template

This was made with Vue, Tachyons, and Chart.js.

A Chart.js donut example

Chart.js – Line Chart Tooltip Hover Mode

Chart.js Responsive Dashboard Widget

This is a seemingly simple chart, highlighting a single data point presented as a unique challenge. Chart.js provides a tooltip function, but by default, there is no direct control for a targeted selection. Tooltips are either all on or all off. To resolve this issue and highlight individually, onAnimationComplete is used for a function using an if statement to select a point at a specified label.

Chart.js into PNG using phantomjs/casperjs

Here’s a prototype built to turn a chart into a PNG using phantomjs/casperjs inserted into monthly client reports sent out by email.

Chart.js – Bar with Time scale

Bubble Chart

Simple Chart.js Example

Chart.js – Smooth doughnut

These are smooth line caps applied on a Chart.js doughnut chart.

Chart.js in bootstrap modal

Load a line chart from Chart.js into a bootstrap modal. The chart data came from the links attributed.

Chart.js Polar Area Chart

Chart.js Rounded Bars

This  Rounded Bar Chart corners extension code for Chart.js.

Chart.js zoom and pan

This is a Zoom and pan using chartjs-plugin-zoom.

Skill Chart

This is a chart for your portfolio using Chart.js.

SFW Wine stats

Chart.js Gradients

Chart.js Sparklines

Use Chart.js with Zepto to produce Sparklines. Sparklines can be used inline to represent a quick trend.

Donut Chart – JS Raphael (Responsive)

Donut Chart – JS Raphael with Responsive Layout

Experiments with Chart.js

Chart.js Polar Chart

Chart.js Radar Chart example

This is a demo for an outcome graph with examples of expected data using Chart.js.

Ionic angular-chart example

Here, a basic angular Chart.js example for Ionic apps is shown.

Bootstrap Admin Page Example

Chart.js Bubble Chart

Charting with Bootstrap, Chart.js

Chart.js Test

This is a simple test for Chart.js.

angular-chart.js line chart demo

Chart.js – change chart type and randomize data

This was created to showcase the dropdown option to change your Chart.js chart (hint: you need to destroy the chart first!). Also, a fun function to randomize data points on button click was added, which utilizes the awesome build-in animation.


Chart.js Hide Other Datasets on Legend Click – Logic Option 1

Chart.js Bubble Graph

The Chart.js ionic scroll horizontal

Proof of concept: Chart.js with Background Gradient

This is a line chart that visualizes weight over time. The line chart has a background gradient to indicate the top values.

Chart.js Line Chart w/ Opacity

Chart.js Bar Chart Example

Vue.js & Chart.js

Chart.js scale options

Chart.js Email Marketing Design Layout

This is a basic responsive design layout using Chart.js. It calls in the default color scheme for chart.js elements while adding some buttons and data inputs (design only) that would be useful in an Email Marketing system.

Chart.js Draggable Radar Points

This Chart.js Plugin gives the ability to drag radar points up and down. Add some fine-tuning for a smoother run.

iOS Health App Rapid Prototype

Rapidly prototype the Apple Health iOS app using Chart.js + Dragula. Drag and drop and click the segmented controls to watch the data refresh.

Chart.js Stacked Column Chart

Chart.js – Radar Chart Only Show Last Scale Line

Angular Chart.js

Chart.bundle.js RequireJS

Toggle-able Charts in Angular/Chart.js

Gauge Chart

This is a simple gauge chart for Chart.js.

Chart.js Doughnut Center Percentage

An example using Chart.js custom tooltips to generate a percentage label in the center of the doughnut when a user mouses over a section can be found here.

Delivery Tracker UI

I used Chart.js to create the line chart and it was a good project to test BEM.

Chart.js update type of chart + resizable

D3 Line Chart

This is an animated SVG line chart made with d3.js.

Chart.js Line Graph Example

Chart.js Gridlines for Dark Theme

Rotate a Doughnut Chart (Chart.js)

This is a quick pen to illustrate a new property that can be used to rotate a doughnut chart. This example is specific to the Chart.js library.


These charts are great to look at and easy to add to a static site. But what if you wanted to add them in WordPress?

Introducing wpDataTables, the #1 tables and charts plugin for WordPress.

Coupled with the right web hosting, wpDataTables can turn your WordPress site into a powerful data visualization tool.

Each WordPress table can be used as a data source for creating WordPress charts. Charts are rendered by 3 powerful engines and can change in real-time: Google Charts, HighCharts, and Chart.js. Check out this easy-to-follow documentation page where we present how to create a chart in WordPress with our user-friendly plugin.

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