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Version 1.5.6 (released 13.02.2015)

Just another patch on a long way to Table Constructor module. No new features, just bugfixes.

  • False update notification fixed – in the previous version there was a tiny bug that caused plugin to report that there’s a new version available all the time, also to throw a notice in the update list; this is fixed now.
  • Attachments title not displayed – refactoring in the previous version caused an attachments title (uploaded from front-end editor) not to be displayed; this is fixed now.
  • XML parsing errors – a bug which caused a problem with XML format parsing is fixed; also added a check if XML elements have attributes for correct parsing.
  • Table ID notice in shortcode fixed – in some cases when ID was empty it thrown a notice; it is fixed now.
  • Front-end editor add/edit row selectbox problem – front-end editor dialog selectbox was showing first value as selected by default, but actually nothing was selected. Fixed now.
  • Formatted numbers in range filters did not work. Values more then 1000, or if user entered the value in the same format as in cell caused the filter to crash. Fixed now.
  • Column filter selectbox when shown in header did not show. Minor issue with CSS fixed, dropdowns will show correctly now.
  • Date parsing fixed for CSV. In some cases dates weren’t parsed correctly, works fine now.
  • New filter added for the table title (wpdatatables_filter_table_title) – you can use it to change the title dynamically, or hide it when you don’t need it
  • Custom JS was multiply escaped (‘\\’). Now it’s fixed.
  • EU date format sorting issue – when there was an empty cell in a date column with EU-formatted date ( it crushed sorting; now it’s fixed – empty cells will always be treated as the earliest date possible.
  • Preview with charts fixed. Now you can preview your charts in the backend along with the table, which didn’t work in earlier versions.
  • Even rows color picker didn’t work. Now it’s fixed and you can choose the color of the even rows.
  • Font color picker for table header didn’t work. fixed now.

Version 1.5.5 (released 23.11.2014)

Refactoring. A couple of minor bugfixes also included.

  • Auto updates – we planned this for 1.6, but since there were already a couple of unplanned releases, we decided not to postpone it any more to make life easier for users. Starting from current version, if you enter your Envato Purchase Code, plugin will tell you when the new version is released, and do the auto update. To prevent piracy, maximum number of downloads of one version per purchase code is 2. But you can always download new versions directly from Envato and install in the good old-fashioned manual way.
  • File-based tables speedup – for large tables based on files you should have a significant improvement in speed now.

Version 1.5.4 (released 23.11.2014)

Security patch. A couple of minor bugfixes also included.

  • Uploader security issue fixed.
  • Number range filter issue fixed. There was an issue in version 1.5.3 that broke number range filtering because of number formatting, for non server-side processing tables. Fixed now
  • utf8_general_ci collation added to wpDataTables created tables. Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and other UTF-8 characters in column names shouldn’t be a problem any more.
  • “Clear filters” problem solved. Before when users clicked on “Clear filters” some dropdown values weren’t refreshed.
  • Default value dropdown problem solved. Previously if you defined a default value for a dropdown selectbox it didn’t work, fixed now.
  • WP 4.0.1 compatibility checked.

Version 1.5.3 (released 22.09.2014)

Again, a relatively minor update with a bunch of frontend & backend improvements, bugfixes and new features. New in this version:

  • WordPress 4.0 compatibility checked. This site is running WP 4.0 so you can see plugin’s working.
  • Plugin settings won’t be reset after update any more. Previous versions had a problem that after each update you had to define the settings again (colors, MySQL login parameters, etc), now it won’t happen.
  • “Steps” in the backend have been merged: you still can define table and column settings separately, but now there are no separate save buttons for these parts, save procedure has been unified, since two separate save buttons caused confusion for some users.
  • Thing that many users asked for: if you change something in the data source (reupload the file, change the SQL query, etc) you won’t have to redefine the column settings for the columns that existed previously. This should make the work with plugin easier I hope.
  • Browse page rewritten based on native WordPress admin interface – now it’s paginated, sortable, searchable, bulk actions are supported. Number of tables per page can be defined on the plugin settings page. Should be much more convenient now for these of you who have more then several wpDataTables in the system; also deleting several tables at once is much easier now.
  • Dropdown advanced filters on mobile devices fixed (weren’t rendering on iPhones, iPads, etc).
  • Front-end editing without advanced filter enabled bug fixed.
  • Added support for attachments for new entries since many people asked for it. Be careful with this since if a file for new entry was uploaded, and entry won’t be saved, file will stay in wp-upload folder.
  • A new table setting: “hide table until page is completely loaded”. Now if you want you can disable table from showing until the page finishes loading, so it won’t flash without pagination, filters, etc.
  • CSS class per column is now supported: you can assign each column a CSS class now.
  • Custom JS setting added: now if you need to insert some custom JS related to tables you don’t have to modify the files directly.
  • Custom CSS setting added: now if you need some styling related to tables you don’t have to modify the files directly.
  • “Re-upload” bug fixed: before, when users uploaded an attachment, then edited this entry and saved it again, link was truncated, which doesn’t happen any more.
  • Apostrophe/quote in column headers, or possible values, or in default value caused a slash to be added, and caused some problems. Fixed now.
  • “Possible values” input disappeared when “Save table” button was pressed; fixed now.
  • Row deleting and file deleting for external MySQL DB fixed.
  • Settings for “Tablet width” and “Mobile width” added: now users can define what screen width should toggle the responsiveness for the table, so you can also have responsive/collapsible effect on desktops.
  • Setting for right-aligning columns with numerical data. Users can define with toggling the checkbox whether they need that.
  • Date parsing in Excel fixed. Since it’s a resource consuming operation, a setting in config file added, where you can define whether you need it or not. Enabled by default.
  • Setting for parsing shortcodes in string columns added to config file (I guess it’s too “technical” to be in GUI). You can set it to true if you want wpDataTables process shortcodes contained within cells. Please keep in mind that this is quite resource consuming and may cause long execution time. Disabled by default.
  • Tiny bug with column reordering fixed.
  • Deprecated uploader fixed with cute WP Media Library.
  • “None” editor input type added. You can use it now when you need to prevent front-end users from editing some of the cells.
  • jQuery compatibility fix – all deprecated function calls upgraded so plugin would work with 1.11.
  • JSViews is now used in plugin backend for templating. Should not make much difference for end users, but makes further implementation much easier.

Version 1.5.2 (released 03.08.2014)

A (relatively :)) minor update with a lot of structure changes, backend improvements, bugfixes and new features. New in this version:

  • PDF Documentation – starting from now on wpDataTables also includes a detailed PDF documentation (also available online) with a detailed description of all the features. You can also download it here
  • Reorganization of files – files in wpDataTables plugin are now reorganized. Now each block of actions has its own controller and folder, so it’s easy to find if you need to change something (see documentation section 1.2 for folder structure details). Also, all “.inc” files are changed to “.inc.php” for the servers that do not allow non-standard file extensions.
  • Hooks and filters – now there are 70 WordPress actions and filters used in the plugin – so you can extend the plugin for your needs without any worries that the changes will be overwritten with next versions. Detailed descriptions are in the chapter 11 of the documentation.
  • Backend design changes – wpDataTables got a better admin panel design, and some usability improvements.
  • Duplicate table – Now you can easily create a duplicate of each table you want, using a “Duplicate table” button on the browse section of the admin panel. This can be handy if you need to have several similar tables.
  • Shortcode attributes and placeholders – Now each wpDataTable shortcode can have up to three variables, which you can use in MySQL query or default filter values E.g. if you set the shortcode like [wpdatatable id=33 var1=23 var2=43] you can use placeholders %VAR1% and %VAR2% in the table setup. This might come in handy if you want to e.g. have one table with different predefined filter values on several pages.
  • Default values for the column – Now each column can have predefined default values that will be used in the advanced filter, and in the editor for the editable tables.
  • Empty tables are now editable – Before you couldn’t edit a table after you delete all rows from it. This issue is fixed now (but please keep in mind that the MySQL table should have a couple of rows when you create an editable wpDataTable based on it).
  • Internationalization support – Now wpDataTables plugin supports .PO/.MO internationalization. “languages” folder contains the subfolders for current locale.
  • Front-end editing restriction for selected roles – As of this version when defining a table as editable you can select user roles that will be able to edit each table. Or you can leave this setting blank if you want to allow editing for everyone (as it was before).
  • Clear filters – Widget filter now has a “Clear filters” button which refreshes all the filter settings.
  • Checkboxes filter bugfix – problems with checkbox filter fixed.
  • Empty dates bugfix – front-end editor had problems with empty dates, which are fixed now.

Version 1.5.1 (released 07.06.2014)

An update with several fixes and new features. New in this version:

  • Word wrap bug fixed – there was a bug in version 1.5 when word wrapping didn’t work. Fixed now.
  • Dropdown filter bugfixes – There were some cases with special characters causing problems with dropdown filter, which are now solved.
  • Date formats – Some date formats caused problems with editable tables, this problem is fixed now.
  • Placement of edit/new/delete buttons – Buttons were shown below the table when TableTools weren’t initialized. The problem is fixed now.

Version 1.5 (released 21.04.2014)

A major update. Lot of new stuff. New in this version:

  • More responsiveness – we replaced all jQuery UI dialogs and datepicker with responsive popups which would make both mobile and desktop experience of working with the tables nicer.
  • General redesign – we’ve done a big job on redesign – now tables have a modern flat design, all icons and preloder use font icon, all selectboxes and checkboxes have nice neat look.
  • Skins – Now tables have two skin options: a new one, and a second one if you liked old table design more.
  • More customization options – We added some customization options – e.g. you can now style the buttons, change the round botder radius, and change the overlay color for the popups.
  • Filter in a form or widget – Starting from this version you can put the advanced filter outside of the table – in a widget in a sidebar (see demo) or just above the table (see demo).
  • Redesign of admin panel – Admin panel now is also nicer and has animated popups.
  • Ungroup button – Many people asked for it, so we added it. Now if you grouped the rows by mistake you can ungroup them.
  • Fixes for date columns – There were known issues with sorting dates in european format, now these are fixed.
  • Fixed headers and columns discontinued – This feature rarely worked well and usually just made problems both for users and for the developers. So we finally decided to remove it.
  • WordPress 3.9 compatibility checked and approved working – there were some issues with MySQL after last WordPress update, now these are fixed.

Version 1.4.1 (released 16.02.2014)

An update with several fixes and new features. New in this version:

  • Checkbox advanced filtering – Now you can filter the data with checkboxes, this way you can select more then one possible value. Check out this demo!
  • Preview bug fixed – There was a bug in back-end preview, it was not working with responsive mode enabled. It works now.
  • Date formats – A couple of new date formats added in the plugin settings, also the date format takes effect now in the front-end editor.
  • Date filtering – A couple of bugs regarding date-range filtering, and filtering in responsive mode fixed.

Version 1.4 (released 30.01.2014)

A major update. Lot of new stuff. New in this version:

  • Responsive mode added – Now any of your wpDataTables can be responsive. Check the demo!
  • UI improvements – animated AJAX processing indicator for tables with server-side processing, some small CSS issues fixed, transitions added for smooth feel.
  • Client side optimized – javascript part completely rewritten and minified, so now tables are rendered quicker.
  • WordPress 3.81. compatibility checked – everything works fine as you can see on this site which is running WP 3.8.1 now.

Version 1.3.1 (released 16.01.2014)

A minor update. Mostly bugfixes. New in this version:

  • WordPress 3.8 compatibility checked – everything works fine as you can see on this site which is running WP 3.8 now.
  • Front-end editing bugfix – There was a bug caused by one of the JS plugins update which was throwing an exception and broke front-end editing. Fixed.
  • Server-side processing pagination bugfix – in some cases previous/next buttons were not working for server-side tables. Fixed now.
  • Back-end table preview bugfix – In some cases back-end preview broke when called more then once. Fixed.
  • Current user ID placeholder fixed – working as it’s supposed to now.
  • Several minor bugfixes – too small to mention them.

Version 1.3 (released 06.12.2013)

A major update. New in this version:

  • Front-end data editing for MySQL-based tables. Editing, deleting and inserting new rows from the site front-end. Editing, deleting and inserting new rows from the site front-end. You can select an editor input type for your rows – text inputs, textareas, datepickers, file uploads and many more supported. For now the front-end editing is only supported with these limitations: 1) MySQL-tables only; 2) Server-Side processing should be enabled; 3) Only one table can be edited with the wpDataTables plugin. See the related documentation page and the demo site for details.
  • Placeholder for current user ID. I received many requests for using the current user ID in the MySQL query which creates the table, so implemented it. Now you can put %CURRENT_USER_ID% placeholder in the query, and it will be replaced with the real ID value when executed.
  • Setting default sorting column and sorting direction. Now you can choose which column will be used for sorting on page open, and in which direction (ASC/DESC).
  • Selectbox filters for server-side based tables. Now selectboxes are also available for server-side based MySQL tables, but you have to specify all the values.
  • Updated and tested with WordPress 3.7.1 – keeping up-to-date with WP 🙂

Version 1.2 (released 30.08.2013)

A major update. New in this version:

  • New style customization features. No more CSS tweaking, you can choose the colors and fonts in the plugin settings!
  • Preview feature. Now you can preview from the admin panel any table that you prepare before you insert in the post or page.
  • Better Excel files processing. The Excel file load procedure has been rewritten. Now it won’t crash on bigger files (if your server resources allow that), and will work a little bit faster. Though still it will take a while for big files to load, and the pages where you put the files will open slowly, so for big datasets consider MySQL tables.
  • A sandbox demo site. I’ve set up a demo site, with a demo admin panel access, where you can try how the plugin works before you buy it. The site, and the uploaded files are flushed once an hour, but still – please don’t misbehave, or I will have to close it 🙂

    The WP-admin panel is here: Login and password: demo / demo

  • No-shortcode table including. If your theme, or some plugins have problems with the shortcodes, or you would like to re-use one table in all pages of some template, you can include it by a PHP function call in the template file like this: <?php echo wdt_output_table( $table_id ) >
  • Better error handling. No more mystic silence when something goes wrong with the table generation. If an error happens on the server side you will get a nice dialog with info about the error, and possible solutions where applicable.
  • Row hover feature. Many users asked for it, so we added a feature to highlight a row on hover.
  • Better interaction with user. Nice preloaders added and default JS alerts replaced with nice-looking jQuery UI dialogs.
  • Server-side processing bugs fixed – no multi-filtering does not cause problems, also some minor bugs fixed.
  • Zero-length fatal error cured – won’t bother you anymore.
  • Uninstall errors fixed. I hope you won’t have to say goodbye to the plugin, but still for these who have to uninstall the fatal errors have been fixed.

Version 1.1 (released 24.01.2013)

New in this version:

  • The long-awaited AJAX Server-Side processing for large MySQL-based datasets. Demo and examples coming within few next hours.
  • Option in WP Admin for word-wrapping and fixed table layout style – since there’s been a lot of requests how to fit table in the parent container, and how to enable word wrap, I added a feature in table settings, so you wouldn’t have to edit CSS every time.
  • Feature to render advanced filters in the header. There’s been a lot of questions is it possible to put the filter in the header, so now there is a global setting for wpDataTables where to put it.
  • Fixed the issue with MySQL queries with quotes.
  • Fixed the bugs with checkboxes were checked again after saving.
  • Fixed all short-style PHP tags.
  • Several smaller bugfixes.

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