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Search/filter tables via URL

Video versionA video overview of search/filter tables via URL in wpDataTables

The video is currently being re-filmed and is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Search/filter tables via URL

If you want to open the tables pre-filtered by some specific value – for example, you would like to create one table, but open it by several links, pre-filtered by a specific value, it is possible to do this using a special URL key.

E.g. this table will be pre-filtered with ‘and‘ if you reopen this same page using this link.

Excel example

To pre-filter the table just open the page adding a key to the url:


Where ‘filtervalue’ is the value that you would like to insert to the filtering field. This would pre-filter the table via global search. To see a quick video overview of this feature click here.

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