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Editing charts in WordPress

Video versionA video overview of editing charts in WordPress

Editing charts with wpDataTableswpDataTables is deeply integrated with MySQL engine

Editing charts with wpDataTables plugin is really easy – actually everything is done with the same wizard that creates them – just the data is already prefilled.

Similar to tables, there is a browse page for charts. To open it click on wpDataTables -> wpDataTables Charts – you will see the list of the charts existing in WordPress database:

To edit a chart choose one of them, and click either on its title, or on the “Edit” link that appears when you hover above the chart row.

A chart creation / editor wizard will appear, where all steps are already pre-filled with the values that were provided when the chart was first created:

Editing steps are the same with the steps needed to create the chart, explained here.

When you finish editing and save the chart it will get updated on all posts or pages where it is inserted.

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