Grouping in Charts in WordPress

Video versionA video overview of grouping in Charts

Chart grouping

Charts in wpDataTables have a very useful feature: grouping. If you enable this feature, the values of the rows with the same label will be summed up and rendered as a single series, if it’s disabled (the default case) all rows will be rendered as separate series.

This can be helpful if you have repeating rows with identical names in your table, and you want to show them as sum of values for this name in your chart. This feature will also work in combination with Follow table filtering.

It is quite easy to activate the grouping for a chart. Just tick this checkbox in the chart create/edit wizard:

wpDataCharts Chart grouping

Let’s see an example:

wdt_ID Name Apples
1 John 3
2 Paul 6
3 George 2
4 Ringo 5
5 John 6
6 George 4
7 Ringo 2
8 George 2
9 Ringo 4

We have a table with repeating rows like (George, Ringo and John). When Grouping feature is disabled each row in table will be rendered as a separate series.

Grouping option disabled:

Grouping option enabled:

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