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Date columns

Video versionA video overview of date column in wpDataTables

Date columns in wpDataTablesDate column type and when to use it

Date” columns are used to render the date values in the format that you specify on the plugin settings page. If the content in the input data source cannot be casted as a date, PHP will reset the date to “01/01/1970” and this date will be rendered.

  • Rendering rules: value is casted as a date, then formatted using the format defined in the plugin settings.
  • Sorting rules: date.
  • Applicable filter types: date range.
  • Issues to note:
    • When working with Excel files it’s the best to set the format of Date columns as plain text; since PHPExcel library that parses Excel files does not parse the Excel date format correctly and this results in wrong rendering of the dates (usually they all get reset to 01/01/1970).
    • When you’re working with MySQL please cast timestamps, and datetime columns to just dates to avoid problems.

ExampleA demo table which is using Date columns

Date” column in this table is of date type.

Date column settingsHow to configure Date columns

Date column

If you created table using “Create a table linked to an existing data source” and “Date” column is not rendered well (Some cell values missing) you have to choose “Date input format” which is used in the provided data source. Our plugin guess date format correctly in most cases but in some of them, like if you have dates in string column in Excel etc., you will need to “tell” our plugin which format to expect from your data source.

If you are creating a table using “Create a table by importing data from data source” you should set “Date input format” before you create a table so that date values would be saved in the database in the right format. You will see “Date input format” dropdown in the column block which is “Date” column type.

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