Currency, percentage and other columns

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Currency, percentage and similar column in wpDataTablesHow to display numeric data with additional symbols (currency, percentage, units)

Sometimes you need more than an integer or a float column when you’re referring to a percentage, or to amounts in euros, dollars, etc.

Adding all these examples as column types would make the plugin usage confusing for users, so we found a different solution: we added a “Cell content prefix” and a “Cell content suffix” block for each of the column settings.

cell content prefix suffix

Whatever you enter in the “Cell content prefix” (for example a $, or other currency sign) will be rendered in each cell of this column before the actual cell value; whatever you enter in the “Cell content suffix” (For example “%” or “pcs.”) will be rendered after the actual cell value. These entrees will not affect sorting, filtering, or any other column functions.

ExampleDemo table with currency columns

E.g. for this table the “Yearly revenuecolumn has a “$” sign defined in the “Cell content prefix“:

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