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Currency, percentage and other columns

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wpDataTable currency, percentage and other columns columns

Sometimes you don’t need just an integer, or a float column, since you’re referring to percentage, or to money – amounts in euros, dollars, etc.

Adding all of these as column types would make the plugin usage confusing for users, so we found a different solution: we¬†added a “display text before” and “display text after” block for each of the column settings.

Whatever you enter in the “Text before” (E.g. $ sign, or other currency) will be rendered in each cell of this column before the actual cell value; whatever you enter in the “Text after” (E.g. “%” or “pcs.”) will be rendered after the actual cell value, and this will not affect sorting, filtering, or any other column functions.


E.g. for this table the “Yearly revenue” column has a “$” sign defined in the “Display text before“:

CSV wpDataTable example

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